BCxA Member Brochure


Who We Are

The Building Commissioning Association (BCxA) is an international nonprofit membership association that stands for high performance buildings and the professionals who make them work.

Our Promise and Focus

The BCxA exists to assure quality buildings and provides technical and educational resources, a roadmap to innovation, quality benchmarks, and initiatives that are important to commissioning providers. We promise to champion our members, advocate outstanding practice of whole building commissioning, and endorse certification programs that set the highest industry standards for commissioning professionals.

The BCxA is dedicated to supporting its members in the following areas:

Best Practices – we help define and identify building commissioning best practices, review industry standards and prepare and continuously update commissioning documentation for handbooks, promotion, field use, stakeholder knowledge and industry acceptance.

Professional Development – we create, implement and support education, training and workforce development for all commissioning stakeholders.

Leadership and Representation – we advance commissioning in the built environment by engaging with other industry stakeholders in facilitating and leading high-level discussions regarding the important topics related to commissioning.

Promotion and Collaboration – we create, implement and participate in programs and events that engage the BCxA in a way that positively affects the role of commissioning in the built environment with selected liaisons and marketing opportunities.

Certification – we promote high standards of certifications as administered by the Building Commissioning Certification Board (BCCB) and provide support to them as they meet the needs of the stakeholders of the built environment.

Our Value Proposition

With your BCxA membership, here are just some of the benefits you will receive:

Education and Support – the BCxA offers a deep “knowledge toolkit” for members, such as best practices, technical training, regional and national conferences, webinars, commissioning process templates, building commissioning handbook and more.

Professional Recognition and Advocacy – the BCxA acts on members’ behalf in regional, national and international forums to support excellence and elevate recognition for building commissioning.

Up-to-Date Industry Information – BCxA is a powerful portal for members, generating relevant, industry-related articles, resources and late breaking news via website and social media outlets, important career and industry event newsflashes and The Checklist e-Journal.

A Career-Enhancing Network – the BCxA provides substantive meeting and educational activities for the member community, and social media connections that foster new business relationships and generate business opportunities.

Owner and Design Team Resources – the BCxA provides building owners and their representatives an easy way to identify experienced local commissioning providers, including Certified Commissioning Professionals (CCPs).

Project and Job Opportunities – the BCxA brings building owners and commissioning professionals together with online RFPs, project announcements and job listings.

The BCxA isn’t just for commissioning professionals. You’re invited to join the discussion on best practices, policies, and industry trends!

Access To Membership Options

The BCxA offers the following memberships:

Individual Membership – available for all stakeholders in commercial building planning, design, construction and operation

Corporate Membership – open to all firm types and includes two individual memberships and listing in BCxA public directory

Corporate Individual Membership – open to individuals who work for a company that currently has a corporate membership

Owner Membership – open to owners who represent the interests of the property owner: facility managers, individual and portfolio property managers, asset managers, operations and maintenance professionals, property developers, project management professionals, capital projects designers and, of course, building owners themselves.

Additional Corporate Membership – branch offices of a Corporate Membership may become Additional Corporate Members. This membership includes one individual membership and an additional listing in the public directory

Non-Profit Membership – available for government agencies, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations

Student Membership – individual students must be enrolled in an accredited educational program to qualify for this membership. Verification of enrollment must be required.

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