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The Building Commissioning Association (BCxA) is an international nonprofit organization with more than 1,200 members from the commercial building industry who are committed to the highest standards and practices for the commissioning process. We’re here to raise awareness of building commissioning and to empower commissioning providers, building owners, and others to optimize the built environment so families and communities can live, work, and play in buildings that are safe, efficient, and resilient.

What Is Building Commissioning?

Building commissioning is a systematic, intensive quality assurance process that ensures a building’s compliance with the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR). The benefits of proper commissioning begin with a more efficient, collaborative design and construction process and continue throughout the life of the building with greater energy efficiency, enhanced safety, and lower operation and maintenance costs.

Essential attributes of building commissioning

Advocating for the Industry and the People who Power It

Our mission is to guide the building commissioning industry and champion the commissioning providers who ensure that our new and existing buildings have the best possible risk management, quality assurance, and resiliency. We’re proud to advance best practices, offer a broad range of education and training opportunities, play a leading role in shaping industry policies and standards, and promote the benefits of building commissioning to achieve buildings that work.

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BCxA Scholarship Foundation

We’re passionate about supporting the next generation of commissioning providers. That’s why, in 2013, we created the BCxA Scholarship Foundation—a charitable nonprofit organization—to help advance the education of individuals who are pursuing or plan to pursue, a career in building commissioning. The Foundation’s mission is to encourage and motivate qualified students, continuing education candidates, and industry newcomers to pursue study in fields of building science, including engineering, architecture, building construction, building performance, and other fields related to building commissioning.

BCxA Chapters

The BCxA supports regional participation throughout its chapters located across North America. Each chapter hosts technical meetings, networking opportunities, and professional development sessions expressly focused on topics of interest to local BCxA members. Chapter meetings, training sessions, and other events are updated in the BCxA calendar.

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Our Committees

Committees are the lifeblood of the BCxA. By volunteering on teams that best fit their skills and interests, committee members help advance the field of building commissioning, enhance the BCxA’s reputation and stature, and improve the built environment. In return, they get professional growth and recognition, an enhanced peer network, and expanded business opportunities.

What attracts you to the BCxA? How would you like to add value? What’s changing in your world that you’d like to share with your profession? You can be sure there’s at least one BCxA committee that wants to hear from you.

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Our History

In 1998, a group of building commissioning providers in the Pacific Northwest established the BCxA to promote the profession and to educate the market about the essential role of building commissioning in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and resiliency of the built environment. Today, the BCxA has grown from a core group of committed building performance researchers to more than 1,200 active members in 10 chapters across North America. The Association remains committed to advancing building commissioning practices, increasing its visibility in the commissioning community, and fulfilling building owners’ expectations.

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Board of Directors

Jonathan Vaughan, CCP, CEM, LEED AP
Jesse Sycuro,  PE, CCP, CEM, LEED AP
Lyn Gomes, CCP, PE, LEED AP
Kari Donovan, PE, CxA
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Meet our team

Liz Fischer
Sheri Adams
Aimée Brown
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