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At the BCxA, we seek every opportunity to advance the field of building commissioning and give commissioning providers the resources they need to thrive. We’re proud to advance best practices, offer a broad range of education and training opportunities, play a leading role in shaping industry policies and standards, and promote the benefits of building commissioning to achieve buildings that work. We’re also passionate about supporting the next generation of commissioning providers.

Our Areas of Focus

We seek every opportunity to promote the benefits of commissioning and give commissioning providers, the design community, and owners the resources they need to thrive. Here’s how we do it:

Best Practices

We help define and identify building commissioning best practices, review industry standards, and prepare and continuously update commissioning documentation for handbooks, promotion, field use, stakeholder knowledge, and industry acceptance.

Professional Development

We create, implement, and support education, training, and workforce development for all commissioning stakeholders.

Leadership and Representation

We engage proactively with stakeholders from other industry associations and groups, and we promote commissioning throughout the building community and regulatory environment on behalf of its providers and buyers.

Promotion and Collaboration

With unique programs and events (including our flagship annual conference), marketing opportunities, and a wide range of outreach efforts, we teach providers, buyers, and allied professionals what commissioning is, why it matters, and how to do it right.


We promote high standards of the certifications as administered by the Building Commissioning Certification Board (BCCB) and provide support to them as they meet the needs of the stakeholders of the built environment. 

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