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Advocacy Subcommittee

The Advocacy Subcommittee is composed of NW BCxA chapter members who volunteer to act on behalf of the Association to:

(a) Identify, evaluate, and track new or revised potential legislation, codes, standards and policies that may affect the practice of building commissioning.

(b) Actively engaging with legislative and code boards to improve commissioning standards and guidelines.

(c) Educate Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) about commissioning in code, our processes, and seek to improve practical enforcement through lessons learned.

(d) Establish, maintain, and grow relationships with partner and affiliate organizations in the built environment industry in an effort to collectively improve the built environment through codes, standards, and verification.

If you are interested in being a voice for the commissioning profession and ensuring that the practice of commissioning is accurately represented at city, county, and state levels, please contact johnh@nwesi.com and CC bcxa.nwchapter@gmail.com.

Committee Sponsor John Herboth

Advocacy Subcommittee “Charter” 

Advocacy Subcommittee “2021 Goals and Tasks” 

Educational and Conference Subcommittee

The Educational and Conference subcommittee provides educational content, planning, and coordination for our quarterly chapter meetings and regional conferences. If you have an idea for a topic or have a 45 minute presentation prepared, send it our way for consideration. 

This year’s plan is to expand our Q3 chapter meeting and hold a ½ day virtual technical seminar due to the challenge of hosting in person or virtual & in person event. There are several areas that this committee could use assistance from our chapter members in regards to the regional conference;

(a) Assisting the planning and content

(b) Assisting in marketing the event and reaching out to affiliate industry groups

(c) Assisting in the execution of the event

Please contact treasa@sweekengineers.com and CC bxca.nwchapter@gmail.com

Committee Sponsor Treasa Sweek

Meet-up Subcommittee

Wouldn't it be great to meet more of our members in more casual local events for networking and collaboration over coffee or drinks? 

One the pandemic has calmed a bit, we are hoping to setup Meet Ups throughout the in the different cities covered by our chapter. 

We would love involvement from members in Idaho, Montana, Hawaii, and Alaska. The goal is to make people at all reaches of our chapter borders feel connected to our organization.

If you are interested in getting to know your fellow chapter members and grow your professional network, please contact atemplin@glumac.com and CC bcxa.nwchapter@gmail.com.

Committee Sponsor Angela Templin

Membership Subcommittee

The Membership committee strives to continuously improve engagement with our members, manage/track/revise membership retention efforts, add chapter initiatives that add value to chapter membership, and engage with our chapter’s non-member partner and affiliate organizations to extend the our network reach.

The committee is committed to promoting active members and reaching out to non-active members so that our organization can be a network of connections formed through the desire to improve our industry and our willingness to commit our time to make it happen.

If you are interested in getting to know your fellow chapter members and grow your professional network, please contact johnh@nwesi.com and CC bcxa.nwchapter@gmail.com.

Committee Sponsor John Herboth

Membership Subcommittee “Charter” 

Membership Subcommittee “2021 Goals and Tasks” 

2021 Chapter Meeting Documents

2021 Members Greeting and Introductions

Q1 Meeting Members Notice

Q2 Meeting Members Notice

Q2 Meeting Documents (includes KP 2020 Cx standards)

Q3 Meeting Members Notice

2021 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

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