2022 is almost behind us already with Thanksgiving this week and December holiday and religious celebrations like Christmas right around the corner. I want to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to the BCxA NW Chapter and to other professional organizations that try to improve our industry for the better and try to give back to the communities around us. That being said, we as chapter are planning for 2023 and are vested in improving engagement with our members and that means keeping focused on topics and programs that you care about. The NW Chapter board will be sending out a short survey, under 5 minutes to complete, to start those internal discussions with our members on what matters to them the most and make sure our output as a chapter board bring value to our members. 

The NW BCxA Chapter was proud to announce broad student membership sponsorship starting in 2022 for any attending applicable post-secondary educational or apprenticeship programs. The students need to show interest in joining our organization and hopefully this may lead them to pursue a career in our industry. If you have a contact at an educational or apprenticeship program, like your alma mater please provide the following 2022 BCxA NW Chapter Student Sponsorship Notice and notify the board of your outreach by CC'ing the chapter email address

Last year in September 2021, Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industries (BOLI) approved a new Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC) program. The Building Energy and Controls Apprenticeship (BECA) is led by Lane Community College's Roger Ebbage. After talking with Roger, the content could be a valuable non engineering path to entry level positions in our industry. Apprentices earn while they learn, working as regular employees, contributing to companies' output, and mastering skills under the guidance of your skilled workforce. ABC PNW, the administrator, is looking for Oregon based trainer companies to take on potential apprentices as they become available.

If your company is not based in Oregon and you would like to support this program, tell the board and Kimberly about your interest, there are options for firms based outside of Oregon as long as they do work in Oregon. Federal registration is being pursued as well to allow for companies in our region to support this program regionally.

BECA Training Agent Sign Up Docs

Travis McDaniel of the BCxA California Chapter board is promoting a series of trainings on Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) organized by the PG&E Pacific Energy Center.

A bunch of the training is on demand as well. Use the links below to get more information and sign up for free training sessions.

BCxA California Chapter Website
PG&E On Demand Learning Website

The Northwest BCxA Chapter is live on Linkedin, follow the group and stay up to date with the latest info and posts.


BCxA Northwest Committees

Advocacy Subcommittee

Co-Chairs John Herboth and Laura Irons

The Advocacy Subcommittee is composed of NW BCxA chapter members who volunteer to act on behalf of the Association to:

(a) Identify, evaluate, and track new or revised potential legislation, codes, standards and policies that may affect the practice of building commissioning. 
(b) Actively engaging with legislative and code boards to improve commissioning standards and guidelines.
(c) Educate Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) about commissioning in code, our processes, and seek to improve practical enforcement through lessons learned.

If you are interested in being a voice for the commissioning profession and ensuring that the practice of commissioning is accurately represented at city, county, and state levels, please contact John Herboth & Laura Irons to see where you could get involved. This could be as little as one hour per quarter to update the subcommittee on what is happening locally in your region so we can pass that information onto the chapter.

Advocacy Subcommittee “Charter” 

Local Cx Code and Standards Tracking - Submission Form
Local Cx Regulations Tracking - Submission Form

Cx Codes, Standards, and Regulations Survey Results

Educational and Conference Subcommittee

Co-Chairs Laura Irons and Treasa Sweek

The Educational and Conference subcommittee provides educational content, planning, and coordination for our quarterly chapter meetings and regional conferences. If you have an idea for a topic or have a 45 minute to 1 hour presentation prepared, send it our way for consideration. Presentation abstracts need to be submitted at least 4 weeks in advance of an event to receive continuing education credit approval through BCxA & AIA.

This year we decided to not host another ½ day technical seminar due to the boards bandwidth and available time to commit to producing a quality product for our chapter members. But there are several areas that this committee could use assistance from our chapter members in regards to continuing efforts to bring high quality educational content to our chapter meetings.

(a) Assisting the planning and session content, includes contacting presenters
(b) Assisting or leading in the marketing of the event and reaching out to affiliate industry groups for event promotion or joint events
(c) Assisting in the execution of events

Please contact Laura Irons & Treasa Sweek if you are interested in supporting our chapter meetings, conference, and joint events

Meet-up Subcommittee

Co-Chairs Nathan Coy and Travis Lynn

Wouldn't it be great to meet more of our members in more casual local events for networking and collaboration over coffee, drinks, or a entertainment event? The pandemic is going anywhere anytime soon, so we need your help to setup Meet Ups throughout the Northwest region in areas where members can congregate.

We would love involvement from members in Idaho, Montana, Hawaii, and Alaska to make this valuable outside of the I-5 corridor. The goal is to make people at all reaches of our chapter borders feel connected to our organization.

If you are interested in getting to know your fellow chapter members and grow your professional network, please contact Nathan Coy & Travis Lynn.

Membership Subcommittee

Chair John Herboth

The Membership committee strives to continuously improve engagement with our members, students, and engage with our chapter’s non-member partner and affiliate organizations to extend the our network's reach and grow.

The committee is committed to promoting connections in our chapter and outside of it through our shared desire to improve our industry and our willingness to commit our time to make it happen.

If you are interested in getting to know your fellow chapter members and grow your professional network, please contact John Herboth.

Membership Subcommittee “Charter” 


BCxA Northwest Chapter Resources

Chapter Election Documents

Chapter Board Candidate Application

Chapter Board of Directors Commitment Policy

BCxA Antitrust Policy

BCxA Conflicts Policy Compliance

2022 Chapter Meeting Recordings

Q1 Mtg Replay - Building Energy and Controls Apprenticeship (BECA) Program for Training Agents by Roger Ebbage/LCC

*BECA Trainer Agent Company Signup & Program Info Documents

Q2 Mtg Replay - Northwest Chapter Discussion on BCxA Leadership Conference topics *Recording was not started in the beginning of the mtg, missing the 1st 15 minutes.

Q3 Mtg Replay - Passive Cooling and Natural Ventilations Systems by John M. Herboth/AEI

Q4 Annual Mtg Replay - End of the Year Board Presentation followed by Chapter Discussion Topics; Student & Member Engagement, WA State OFM Guidelines on A&E + Consultant Rate Caps, Cx Led Training, Electricfication and Decarbonization

2021 Chapter Meeting Recordings

Q1 Mtg Replay - WA State HB1257 Clean Bldgs Law

Q2 Mtg Replay - Kaiser Permanente's Chapter 17 Cx Std with Connected Cx

Q2 Meeting Documents (includes KP 2020 Cx standards)

Q3 NW Conf - Session 1 Replay - Bldgs are Our Best Medicine by Dr. Stephanie Taylor

Q3 NW Conf - Session 2 Replay - Panel Discussion on KP Std - Controls Design by Cx Provider

Q3 NW Conf - Session 3 Replay - Panel Discussion on KP Std - Controller Bench Testing

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

11-14-2022 NW BOD Meeting Minutes

10-10-2022 NW BOD Meeting Minutes

09-12-2022 NW BOD Meeting Minutes

06-13-2022 NW BOD Meeting Minutes

05-09-2022 NW BOD Meeting Minutes 

04-11-2022 NW BOD Meeting Minutes

03-14-2022 NW BOD Meeting Minutes

02-14-2022 NW BOD Meeting Minutes

01-10-2022 NW BOD Meeting Minutes

Chapter Bylaws

The Northwest BCxA chapter is currently reviewing our bylaws to update language to fit out current chapter and board meeting practices, update officer duties and roles, and review current board makeup guidelines on participation from individual companies. If you have any suggestions please get in touch with John Herboth.

2018 Revised Bylaws