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The SERBCA chapter committees work in collaboration with the international committees to ensure effective coordination and implementation of BCxA goals. Each SERBCA committee serves as a localized extension of the BCxA, focusing on regional issues and the specific needs of our chapter members.

We are always looking for volunteers to help on all committees. If you are a BCxA member, live in the SERBCA region, and are interested in helping, please reach out to the committee chair or any board member.

- Advocacy Committee -

Committee Chair    Jim Magee

The Advocacy Committee is composed of BCxA members who volunteer to act on behalf of the Association to:

  1. identify and evaluate new or revised potential legislation, codes, standards and policies that may affect the practice of building commissioning
  2. establish and maintain liaison relationships with organizations considered by the BCxA Board of Directors to be industry allies, market and/or technology partners.

If you are interested in being a voice for the commissioning profession and ensuring that the practice of commissioning is accurately represented at city, county, state, and regional levels, this is the committee to join.


- Awards Committee -

Committee Chair    

Interested in helping to recognize leaders in Cx and projects that follow best practices? This committee is where you can offer your support.

This committee is responsible for the development and management of SERBCA Awards. The mission of this committee is to evaluate how best to recognize and support the individuals, companies, and/or programs that are outstanding in their practice, support, and promotion of excellence in building commissioning.

The committee also establishes awards for those in BCxA who have gone above and beyond on behalf of the Association. Committee members develop criteria for awards and the rating process to select awardees. This committee recommends the development of new and retiring awards to the BCxA Board of Directors.


- Best Practices Committee -

Committee Chair    Kong Vang

Want to help shape what quality Cx looks like in the industry? Offering your expertise to this committee will help the BCxA ensure that we have well-documented and frequently updated best practices.

This committee is made up of three subcommittees: New Construction Best Practices, Existing Building Best Practices, and Ongoing Commissioning Best Practices. Select the subcommittee that highlights your expertise.

Each subcommittee is responsible for updates and regular maintenance of these documents. They also are responsible for additional resources, templates, and checklists. The subcommittee lead works with the committee chair on the review of standards, codes, and legislative agendas as needed.


- Conference Planning Committee -

Committee Chair    Mar Goldstone

Event planning is fun! This committee helps create the themes for our BCxA Annual Conference - the longest-running conference of its kind - and then works with the staff to select and review topics, presentations, and speakers.

With a focus on critical industry issues and the future of building performance, this is a committee full of creativity and drive to bring up-to-the-minute knowledge to cohorts across the industry. We’re looking for individuals who have ideas and know-how to present information in audience-engaging session formats.


- Education and Training Committee -

Committee Chair    

This committee is a pillar of the BCxA’s identity. We work hard to ensure that our trainers provide the best educational experience on a variety of platforms. This committee is made up of three subcommittees: Online Certificate Program, Classroom Training, and on-demand Professional Development.

If you are a subject matter expert interested in developing curriculum, or you have a desire to educate and train others, this is the place for you. Our Professional Development subcommittee is responsible for webinars, TechTalks, and peer-reviewed articles for The Checklist and other publications.


- Marketing and Outreach Committee -

Committee Chair    

There are lots of ways to be involved in this important committee. Your experience and industry knowledge will further our mission, contribute to growing our market presence, and attract global audiences.

This broad-based committee is perfect for people with great ideas who know how to “make it so” within and outside the Association, for marketing BCxA activities, special campaigns, technical and educational materials, and overall messaging.

Your valuable skills in writing, social media, and promotion/public relations will be more than welcomed by this committee!


- Membership Development Committee -

Committee Chair    Ryan Finney

Nothing is more important to a professional association than providing value to its members. This committee strives to communicate and manage the criteria for membership, and institute programs for the development and retention of members.

This committee keeps a finger on the pulse of our diverse member community to build products and services that deliver meaning and purpose to our membership while meeting our mission.

Past Chapter Presentations

October 2018 – 8th Annual SERBCA & 7×24 Exchange Carolinas Chapter Joint Meeting
Fall Tech Summit 2018 Owner Training from a Cx Perspective 10-2-18

February 2018 – Tech Talk – Air Flow Reduction in a Large Research Bldg at University of NC
2018 SERBCA TechTalk UNC Project

September 2017 – Charlotte Meeting, SERBCA & 7X24 Exchange Carolinas Chapter Joint Meeting
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June 2017 Webinar – Flexible Air Duct and Connections
Flexiable Air Duct and Connectors June 2017