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“The BCxA is the original association that is completely committed to whole building commissioning. As a young, growing organization, it has a solid foundation of leadership in place that is necessary to drive and grow interest in the field of commissioning, as well as provide a high level of representation to a diverse membership base.”

Craig Hawkins, Sr. Commissioning Engineer, McKinstry, BCxA Platinum Sponsor

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Everyone is connected to the built environment. It takes a lot of smart people to make that infrastructure work, and keep it working well for years to come. The BCxA works hard every day to make sure that all the necessary standards, national and regional policies and codes are facing the future. We see to it that education and certification levels are up-to-date and available for professional and technical people to do their best work in keeping buildings safe, efficient and comfortable.

Your sponsorship means that we can continue to work with industry stakeholders on your behalf to achieve our goals.

Over the past 16 years, the Building Commissioning Association has established itself as a leader in the development of the building commissioning profession – and we’re growing fast. Currently, the BCxA is offering marketing opportunities to highlight your support of the Association and the practice of commissioning. The BCxA is sponsored by some key players in the commercial buildings industry. Join them and make your voice heard as you help the Association meet its mission.

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