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Commissioning Providers (CxPs) work with owners and building project teams to plan, organize and conduct the process of verifying that their building systems function properly, providing security, safety, resilience, resource efficiency and comfort for the people who occupy them.

BCxA provides a platform for the practical application of commissioning to professionals and new entrants to the building industry. BCxA offers education, scholarship opportunities, and national and regional events for CxPs throughout the year.

Certificate Program

BCxA University offers a full-curriculum Certificate Program with online courses and a hands-on labs to earn the program certificate. This sequential program focuses on the process, skill sets and field knowledge necessary to launch your commissioning career.
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Online Learning

For experienced CxPs, BCxA University offers technical courses for learning state-of-the-art applications and practices for commissioning building systems and assemblies.
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In-Classroom Courses

Two-day training courses offered regionally across North America give you the opportunity to work “live” with highly respected subject matter experts. Learn either or both: new construction and existing building commissioning. Every student receives a student workbook, resources, and hands-on exercises to apply on the job.
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The Spring and Fall Webinar Series cover fundamental and advanced topics that help you do your job. These 1-hour trainings are often used by design, construction and commissioning firms to springboard further discussion and project analysis. Whether live or recorded, these webinars help boost commissioning practice and offer AIA continuing education credits. Live and recorded webinars available.
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BCxA would like to thank those organizations that supported us financially to build our various trainings and those who offered their knowledge and time to build our programs.
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