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The BCxA Webinar Series is an excellent opportunity to maximize your educational dollar. Four unique sessions presented by industry experts with live Q&A – all from the comfort of your home or workplace. To register, purchase one login for the member/non-member fee for your office (per location) for all attendees. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are included for one registered participant for the member/non-member fee. If additional participants want CEUs they must be added as a guest by the registered participant for an additional $25 each.

Upcoming Webinars

An Introduction to PEER

Wayne A. Dunn, PE, PEng, LEED AP – E.W. Dunn
September 9, 2019

Commissioning Support for Building Automation Systems – Part 11

Harry Koons, LEED AP/CxA – Precis Commissioning, Inc
October 14, 2019

Panel Discussion on “Passive and Natural Ventilation Design, Construction, Commissioning, and Operation”

John M. Herboth, PE, CxA, EMP, BET CP – Northwest Engineering Service, Inc.
November 11, 2019

Commissioning Contracts and Hiring CxP

Jim Magee, President – Facility Commissioning Group
December 9, 2019

Recorded Webinars

BAS Data: the Fuel for Your EMIS

Candice Rogers, MBA, CCP, CxA, LEED AP BD+C – Paladin
Kelsey Leslie, PE – Paladin
Recorded Webinar – June 10, 2019

As major organizations have raced to embrace “smart” buildings, they have discovered that merely adding sensors, hardware and software are not enough for a building to deliver on its intelligent potential. In this presentation, Candice Rogers and Kelsey Leslie will explore the challenges facing owners and the economic and environmental benefits of carefully planned systems integration.

The presentation will also cover the challenges of leveraging and integrating emerging technologies to help building owners and their AEC teams access the yet-untapped potential in their buildings. They will also touch on the pitfalls of automation including equipment incompatibility and unsecured IP networks that leave system controls exposed to hacking.

Drawing upon their extensive experience in Enterprise Building Automation Systems, they will share lessons learned from major projects including the Commonwealth Energy Management and Control System (CEMCS) implementation for Kentucky’s Community and Technical College System (KCTCS).

They will discuss key challenges including:

  • Equipment inventories and controls assessment
  • Data collection and measurement
  • Integrating diverse control systems
  • Metadata management for maximum security and effect
  • Basing a remediation plan on BAS interval data
  • Building and leading multidisciplinary teams
  • Data gathering and equipment inventories.

Smart buildings start delivering on their potential when their energy conservation measures are managed with an integrated program structure. As budgets shrink and demands grow, artfully integrated systems can generate efficiencies and improved performance on the thermostat and the balance sheet. In a word, attendees will gain insights into driving buildings from smart to brilliant.

Commissioning Support for Building Automation Systems

Harry Koons, LEED AP/CxA – Precis Commissioning, Inc.
Recorded Webinar – May 13, 2019

The expansion of Building Automation Systems (BAS) throughout the building construction industry is requiring commissioning providers to provide more insight, earlier, and have a more influential role in the selection, checkout and commissioning of BAS systems. This webinar helps owners to understand what BAS capabilities are needed by owners, facility managers and operations personnel, and which type of system is best for their project requirements.

Although BAS have come a long way since the days of pneumatics, many owners and building operators don’t really understand what they need, or have an understanding of all the options for components, software, logic, or even the costs to install, operate and maintain the system. You will learn what helps to achieve a smooth, pain-free controls project that meets the owner’s needs and provide your client with an understanding of what they should expect, what they could accept, and options for “Go/No-Go” requirements for selecting a BAS provider. Your ability to make recommendations for Proprietary vs. Open Systems, Vendor vs. Integrator, Code/DOS vs. Ladder Logic, and Graphic Blocks type BAS, will help your clients understand the limits of each type of system, and the costs to operate and maintain the selected BAS system.

PE Ethics

Dan Forino, PE, CCP, LEED AP, WELL AP, – Horizon Engineering Associates, LLP
Recorded Webinar – March 11, 2019

Each day many of us are faced with ethical dilemmas in our commissioning practice. A cyclical refresher on engineering ethics is becoming more common in various jurisdictions. As Cx providers we have a duty to uphold the generally accepted fundamental canons of ethics in the engineering practice, including these:

  • Hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public; Perform services only in areas of competence; Issue public statements only in an objective and truthful manner.
  • Act for each employer or client as faithful agents or trustees.
  • Avoid deceptive acts.
  • Conduct ourselves honorably, responsibly, ethically, and lawfully so as to enhance the honor, reputation, and usefulness of the profession.

This webinar reviews these canons and how they are intertwined with day to day commissioning activities, and how to handle them via the ethical decision-making process. The second half of the presentation focuses on real life experiences of the presenter and allows for audience interaction to discuss ethical dilemmas facing our industry.

“I enjoyed your lecture on ethics this morning – as much as one can enjoy a lecture on ethics.”
– Gerald Kettler

Past, Present, and Future of Building Science QA

John Runkle PE – Intertek
Recorded Webinar – April 8, 2019

With a focus on building enclosures, you will learn more about the full Building Science space and how quality assurance systems have been developed and executed. You will explore the major influences of today’s building codes and predict how tomorrow’s buildings will be better equipped to deal with today’s problems (e.g. intense weather events, poor air quality, frequent fires, looming threat of earthquakes). Learn what type of quality assurance options there are for today’s construction projects, and what is trending, so you can select the best value for your project to help ensure that the building performs as intended. We will review case studies for the state-of-the-art enclosure commissioning process, deliverables and functional performance testing options. The webinar concludes with predictions on where this industry is headed in the future, so that we can be better prepared to build quicker, produce less waste, and achieve sustainable, quality buildings.

Recorded Webinars

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