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The BCxA Webinar Series is an excellent opportunity to maximize your educational dollar. Four unique sessions presented by industry experts with live Q&A – all from the comfort of your home or workplace. To register, purchase one login for the member/non-member fee for your office (per location) for all attendees. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are included for one registered participant for the member/non-member fee. If additional participants want CEUs they must be added as a guest by the registered participant for an additional $25 each.

Spring Webinar Series

Lights Are On, But Nobody’s Home – Commissioning Occupancy Sensors

Lyn Gomes, – KW Engineering
April 4, 2018

Lighting uses about 30-40% of a building’s energy use. Occupancy sensors can reduce that to about 20%, but only if they’re working properly. In this webinar Lyn Gomes, career specialist as a lighting control systems expert, will share her secrets for commissioning for occupancy sensors. After going over the basics of how they operate, she’ll cover them throughout the commissioning process – from the OPR to post-occupancy, and functional testing. Don’t miss this opportunity to take a deep dive on the most-installed lighting control device – occupancy sensors!

Commission the Factory – Importance of Factory Inspections in the BECx Process

Robert Golda – Horizon Engineering Associates, LLP
April 18, 2018

Factory inspection visits are vital, yet they unfortunately have a habit of being overlooked. The factory inspection process during the Building Envelope Commissioning (BECx) is especially important when it relates to fenestration systems, when any prefabricated components are being installed or when complex architectural glazing is being utilized on a project. As more and more systems are being fabricated off-site (to minimize not only rising costs of field labor, but also to improve general quality) the importance of reviewing these components in the factory is critical to ensuring that they ultimately will meet the project’s goals. See more…

Building Pressurization Controls, Sequences of Operations and Lessons Learned

John Villani, PE, CCP, CEM, LEED AP, Vice President – Grumman/Butkus Associates
May 16, 2018

Building air pressure and flow are dependent on a complex set of interacting building and mechanical systems, and often even climate from hour to hour. The failure of correct building pressurization can result in air quality problems ranging from comfort to the presence of unhealthy or dangerous particulates – and eventually to material corrosion, mold, and unnecessarily high maintenance and operating costs. This webinar will identify methods of creating and controlling appropriate building pressure, present common building pressurization controls strategies, and provide recommendations on sequences of operations that work. The presenter will offer real world lessons learned that can help you identify and solve pressurization problems in the field.

Modular Construction Quality Assurance

John Runkle, PE, Vice President – Intertek – Architectural Testing, Inc.
Ryan S. Lean, PE, LEED AP, CCP, Associate Partner – JB&B
June 21, 2018

Modular building, as opposed to traditional site-built construction, is a growing trend in today’s market. But what happens between the design that meets owner’s requirements and the (pre-)fabrication and installation of those building modules? Many things can impact the quality and performance of the finalized structure. This webinar covers these and other challenges unique to commissioning modular buildings, as well as the differences between site-built and modular commissioning. Attendees will also be introduced to the current practice for code plan review and inspection of modular buildings, and learn commissioning steps specific to assuring quality performance for this increasingly sought structural type.

Recorded Webinars

Sometimes it’s just not convenient to attend a live webinar. If you cannot attend at the scheduled time you can now purchase recorded webinars at a later date. New recorded webinars are added after each scheduled session. Your purchased webinar will be available to you for 30 days. Continuing education credits are available after successfully completing a 10 question quiz before signing off. To purchase a webinar you’ll need to register with a new profile just one time, and after that you’ll always get login instructions, expedited purchase information, and your continuing education credits certificates will be saved for download at your convenience.

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