BCxA University Introduces Certificate Program

BCxA is proud to announce BCxA University and the new Commissioning Provider Certificate Program. BCxA has always been a trusted resource for Best Practices and training and education for commissioning providers (CxP). BCxA University offers learning opportunities for everyone in the building community and is especially valuable for people who are, or want to become, commissioning providers. BCxA University is committed to building qualified commissioning providers across North America and beyond who are responsible and committed to making buildings work the way they should! This is the only program of its kind in the private sector that supports professional development in this field. There are multiple ways to take advantage of BCxA University offerings:

Commissioning Provider Certificate Program. Individuals who want to enter the profession can become commissioning providers (CxPs) by taking the online and in-person lab classes that lead to a nationally recognized comprehensive Certificate of Completion. The Certificate is a great way for newcomers to find employment, or advance their careers in a commissioning role, in large and small companies. Experience in commercial buildings and a desire to support energy efficiency and high performance in buildings will help to assure your success and advance your career.

Career Acceleration. If you’re already a commissioning provider or building professional, you can take advantage of classes that refresh or update capabilities in your career, or those of your company, on an à la carte basis and as you have time. Take a look at the catalog to see if there are courses you’d like to complete and put your course completion Certificate on your resume. AIA-approved Continuing Education Credits are also awarded for each class.

More Opportunities. Today there are so many new trends happening in the building community that you need to know – or know how to do. The BCxA produces and delivers online learning, webinars and 2-day classes on commissioning new construction and existing buildings, serving the needs of commissioning providers and many others in the building community.

With the addition of the CxP Certificate Program to its educational portfolio, BCxA University continues to expand the scope of classroom, webinar and online learning opportunities for anyone associated with building commissioning.

Log on TODAY to browse and sign up for classes you need to add value to your professional delivery.

by Diana Bjørnskov, Senior Program Manager

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