Serve Yourself: A Tempting Menu of Opportunities

Have you ever thought about designing your association? The BCxA is made up of voluntary benefactors who – one by one and as a whole – work to make the built environment better. Now is your chance to join with colleagues to help create the future of the association and your profession, spread the word and implement activities that support the BCxA as the most trusted resource for commissioning education and advocacy.

As a voluntary member of BCxA committee initiatives, you’ll get professional recognition, enhance your commissioning role, and expand your network of peers and business opportunities. What attracts you to the BCxA? How would you like to add value? What’s changing in your world that you’d like to share with your profession? We have six working committees with spots available for newcomers, experts and people with great ideas:

  1. Best Practices Committee. Maintains and develops best practice documents as directed by the Board of Directors. Peer review of technical articles for the BCxA. Coordinate BCxA’s comments on the public review of standards, guidelines and building codes. Advises staff on topics related to the commissioning and construction industry and other built environment issues as they relate to commissioning.
  2. Conference Development Committee. Advises staff on topics and speakers for the conference. Provides input for the selection of the themes, locations, sponsors, exhibitors and other events to be held in conjunction with NCBC. Collaborate with the Education and Training Committee to develop appropriate content topics based on the BCxA core curriculum.
  3. Education and Training Committee. Advises staff in the direction and guidance on long-term education and training goals and objectives of the association. Establish and maintain the organization’s core curriculum and relate this curriculum to the industry recognized building commissioning job task analysis. Addressing the educational needs of commissioning providers to develop and advance their careers.
  4. Marketing and Outreach Committee. Advises staff related to promoting the profession of commissioning to building owners, the construction industry, public policy makers and other stakeholders in the built environment.
  5. Membership Development Committee. Creates and manages the program for member development and retention, recommends criteria and conditions for membership and develops products and services that add value to BCxA membership.
  6. Professional Development Committee. Advises staff in the selection of topics and speakers for webinars and other events where BCxA has been invited to deliver a presentation. Activities may include developing and/or reviewing BCxA presentations for Chapter and other specific events. Collaborate with the Education and Training Committee to develop appropriate content topics based on the BCxA core curriculum as it relates to commissioning professionals and other building industry stakeholders.

Bring your strengths and own your future! Learn more and apply for a role serving on the committee of your choice!

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