2017 BCxA/LBNL Value of Commissioning Study: October Update

Purpose of the Study

The BCxA and LBNL are collaborating to produce a long-awaited update to the study “Building Commissioning: A Golden Opportunity for Reducing Energy Costs and Greenhouse-Gas Emissions“, last revised by Evan Mills in 2009. The purpose of the study is to update the metrics that establish the value of the commissioning industry. The study will also compare results against previous studies in order to reflect changes in our industry.

Three Parts of the Study

  1. Market Survey. Provides general feedback on market influences, drivers for procuring commissioning services, incorporation of established Cx best practices, and the effectiveness/persistence of Cx practices.
  2. Project Data Survey. Provides feedback on cost and savings attributed to commissioning projects, as well as descriptions of deficiencies and measures.
  3. Cx Software Survey. Project data will be extracted through databases maintained by Cx software companies. Extensive data on project deficiencies will be obtained.

Current Status

  1. Market Survey.
    a. The first round of market survey was completed in September 2017. Survey responses were obtained from 111 responders.
    b. The initial data was reviewed and samples of the preliminary results were discussed during a presentation given at NCBC in October 2017.
    c. A second round of the same market survey will be sent out in October with the goal of obtaining 500 total responses. The deadline for submitting the market survey is December 15, 2017. (If you participated in the first round of the market survey, you do not need to fill out the survey again.) The survey is available at:
  2. Project Data Survey.
    b. The deadline for submitting the project survey is January 31, 2018.
    c. The 2009 study is based on data from 643 projects. Our goal is to obtain data from over 1,000 projects.
    d. A Help Desk has been created to answer questions and to submit completed projects surveys. Please contact our Help Desk at
  3. Cx Software Survey.
    a. Initial discussions were completed with Facility Grid, Cx Alloy and Building Start. Each company expressed interest in supporting the survey.
    b. Additional meetings are being set up to determine how to obtain data from their databases.


  1. Please participate in both the market and Cx project surveys that are available now for review.
  2. Please pass along the surveys to others who participate in the commissioning industry. We are interested in feedback beyond just Commissioning Providers and beyond members of the BCxA.
  3. If your company uses Facility Grid, Cx Alloy or BuildingStart as a commissioning software tool, watch for future requests to obtain project data.

Below are slides that summarize some preliminary data obtained from the first round of the Market Survey. Note that this represents a very small portion of very preliminary data. Please help us strengthen the results of the study by participating in our surveys!



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