10 Reasons Why We’re a 15-Year BCxA Member

By Jeffrey K. Conner, P.E./ CCP/ BCxP/ LEED AP – Grumman/Butkus Associates 

About 15 years ago, I decided that as a “career enhancing next step” getting involved with a professional organization focused on building commissioning would be a great decision. As a corporate officer of a consulting engineering firm, becoming engaged in an outside organization also required that it provide benefits to my company. After searching for an organization that could satisfy this dual requirement, I identified the Building Commissioning Association (BCxA) as my best choice.

Corporately we wanted the organization to:

1. be an engaged advocate for the commissioning process and its professional providers in the building industry.
2. be engaged in educating all stakeholders of new and existing buildings in the benefits of commissioning, to provide best practices in the implementation of the commissioning process, and to provide technical knowledge to individuals carrying out the commissioning process in buildings.
3. conduct itself professionally and with competence inside and outside the organization so that as an individual and as a firm we would be proud to be a part of the organization.
4. enhance our position in the marketplace.
5. be the recognized industry leader in building commissioning making a real impact / influencing the built environment industry.

Personally, I wanted the organization to:

1. enable me to network with the best and brightest in the commissioning field.
2. encourage career growth through active participation in the organization.
3. continually enhance my knowledge and skill to better manage the commissioning process on both new and existing building projects.
4. provide opportunities to make new friends around the country who are committed and dedicated to improving the state of building commissioning.
5. afford the opportunity to “be in the room” participating in shaping the commissioning industry and its influence on the built environment.

So today I and my firm are 15 years older and what is the verdict? Did active participation as a firm provide the desired benefits? Was it a great personal career move?
Corporately, we believe so strongly in BCxA and its benefits that we have been a Silver Sponsor for many years. Multiple members of our firm have participated as committee members, regional chapter and national officers, and have served on the international board. We have no doubt that our position in the marketplace has been enhanced by our active participation in BCxA. Through the efforts of many in our firm we are considered an industry leader in commissioning. We are proud of BCxA and its continued efforts and impact in the building industry. Being an active member has also made a positive impact on our bottom line. Will we continue to stay engaged with BCxA? Without hesitation-Absolutely!

Personally, it was probably one of my better decisions made during my 40+ year career! Once the decision was made to become a member I also dared to get involved! I was the professional development committee co-chair and then chair. I served two terms on the international board of directors, and most recently have chaired a committee addressing international growth. I have made so many new friends across North America, have traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina and Sao Paulo, Brazil on behalf of BCA, have participated in leadership conferences all over the US, have been influenced by wonderful, thoughtful and some of the brightest people in the field who have a passion for both BCxA and commissioning. Hopefully along the way I have made a positive impact and influenced some of those I have had the honor to associate with. And I continue to learn through such events as the BCxA’s National Conference on Building Commissioning, which I have attended 14 of the last 15 years.

Would I do all that again? In a heartbeat!! By the way, I waited until I was a little further along in my career before getting involved. Advice to the younger ones, don’t wait, get involved now! The possibilities for those willing to dare are endless, and potentially so rewarding and fulfilling!

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