By Tom Poeling, PE, CEM, CCP, US Engineering Company
BCxA International Board Member

The November 2017 ASHRAE Journal contains an article entitled “A Conversation on Commissioning”. In the article, panel members are asked to define the value of commissioning. Several panel members referred to the 2009 Evan Mills study for statistics on cost/benefits and types of deficiencies addressed by the commissioning process.

The study team from BCxA and LBNL are reaching out to commissioning stakeholders to update the 2009 Evan Mills study with data from recent Existing Building Cx, New Construction Cx and/or Ongoing Cx projects. Our goal is to collect specific economic information from 1,000 projects. We are asking each contributor to provide 5 projects, including (but not limited to):

• One (1) new construction commissioning project
• Three (3) existing building commissioning projects
• One (1) ongoing commissioning project

To get started, please download the 2017 data collection tool at: This Excel file consists of a multi-sheet workbook. Please read the instructions on how to fill out the form under the “Instructions” tab.

The deadline for submittals is January 31, 2018. If you have questions about the tool, please contact our Help Desk at We sincerely appreciate your willingness to partner with us to update this landmark study on the value of commissioning.


    Dar Tom
    I wish you all the best and succeed on the project you are leading.

    God bless you today.

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