Hello 2018! From BCxA’s New President, John Villani

Dear BCxA Members and Associates,

I am very honored and humbled to step into the role of BCxA’s President – joining past leaders such as Bruce Pitts, Bill McMullen, Mark Miller, Ed Faircloth, Carl Lundstrom, Mike English, and Michael Weiss, as well as commissioning industry giants like Craig Hawkins, Karl Stum, and David Sellers. I thank the International Board for electing me, and thank all of you for trusting me with the responsibility of leading the Association on your behalf.

Some of you know me from as far back as my first NCBC in 2001 in Cherry Hill, NJ, or through my work on the Central Chapter and International boards, or participation at NCBC or other conferences. I feel fortunate to have found a career I love: one that inspires my passion and leverages my skills. It feels natural to give back as much as I can by serving the only professional association focused on building commissioning.

I step into a situation of need, conflict, financial constraints, and tremendous opportunity and optimism. Many BCxA chapter and committee leaders attended the 2017 Leadership Conference, which included lively, sometimes heated discussions about topics like finances, chapter agreements, and membership dues and structure. I was reminded of a trip our family took to Philadelphia a few years ago. The National Constitution Center offered great information about how our Founding Fathers vehemently disagreed and sometimes almost came to blows over how to structure the new American government. The Founding Fathers had such passion for our country. Similarly, I have felt BCxA members’ passion for our industry and this Association. Our organization can only become stronger through tough and honest conversations.

The goal for 2018 is to STRENGTHEN AND GROW the BCxA and, simply, to make the work we do even better in serving members. To achieve this, we may need to postpone daunting new projects and focus instead on perfecting current initiatives. For instance:

  • Leveraging our in-classroom courses and rolling it out nationwide through chapter-coordinated events.
  • Updating and expanding our online training program and deploying it through industry partnerships.
  • Working with industry partners for increased sponsorship of the BCxA, highlighting the value our group can bring.
  • Disseminating our Best Practices in the marketplace as an industry-leading document and resource.
  • Continuing to work on industry advocacy, such as collaboration with the International Code Council, to continue to influence the future of commissioning as a code-required service.
  • Expanding our collaboration with other groups like APPA, with whom we recently jointly published the Building Commissioning Handbook 3rd Edition.
  • Making the Handbook available in a searchable electronic format.

In addition, I’ve observed a couple of interesting trends that may shape our long-term goals. First is the evolution of building automation controls systems that are capable of analytics and fault detection/diagnostics, giving rise to such concepts as monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx), and the Internet of Things. Second is the challenge of training the next generation of commissioning providers. We need to put these trends together to align for the future! NCBC is often attended by mid- to senior-level employees, but the conference presents a tremendous opportunity for organizations to invest in younger staff: Millennials and Gen Z. These individuals have grown up with computers and smart phones; these are the people who will fully leverage the new fault detection and diagnostic platforms. As we plan the 26th National Conference on Building Commissioning (Nashville, Tennessee, October 15-18, 2018), I challenge you to attend and bring your younger staff. Updates are always available at

We need your help to STRENGTHEN AND GROW the BCxA. As with most organizations, 20% of our volunteers do 80% of the work. I promise that, when you participate by becoming more active in the organization, you will receive more than you give. Our chapters always need volunteers! National committees can also use your help to design, deliver and promote Best Practices; Education and Training; Marketing and Outreach: Membership Development; Conference Development; and Professional Development. To help, contact your local chapter leadership or the committee chairs. Or get in touch with me directly: (If you’re heading to the NIBS conference this month, you can find me there or at the 2018 ASHRAE Winter Conference & AHR Expo later in January in my backyard, Chicago.)

In closing, I hope the holiday season provided all our members with a break from the long days, late hours, and functional testing weekends to enjoy time with family and friends. The turning of the year is always an occasion for looking back and looking ahead. 2017 was a tough year for many. In particular, I am mindful of the natural disasters that impacted many BCxA members. I hope that you are recovering and that some semblance of routine is returning. Our Eastern Canada Chapter and Texas Chapter also prematurely lost leaders due to health issues. We remember them and other BCxA giants like Michael Chelednik, who I can only assume is playing golf on the clouds.

We have an exciting year ahead of us with many challenges and opportunities. I look forward to working diligently with the BCxA team, an amazing executive board of Tom Poeling, Dan Forino and Candice Rogers, our international board, chapters, and all members to STRENGTHEN AND GROW the BCxA in 2018.

Peace –

John D. Villani, BCxA President
Grumman/Butkus Associates

  1. Ryan Lean

    Congratulations on your new role as BCxA President John. I have no doubt you will accomplish the goals you set for yourself and the organization, detailed above. Looking forward to helping you strengthen and grow the BCxA this year!

  2. Tom Cappellin

    Congratulations John:

    I enjoyed working with you on the Board of Central Chapter, and look forward to following your term as President of Building Commissioning Association. Your knowledge and energy will be well received by our members and the Association will greatly benefit from your leadership.

  3. Colin Moar

    Good luck in your presidency John, we couldn’t have a more dynamic and passionate leader, I look forward to your helmsmanship of the BCA.

  4. Kevin Thurston

    Congrats John, looking forward to the next Leadership Conference and NCBC in Nashville.

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