By Tom Poeling, PE, CEM, CCP, US Engineering Company
BCxA International Board Member

BCxA has partnered with Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) to update the 2009 Evan Mills study on the value of building commissioning.  This update will enrich statistical evidence validating the economic and market value that commissioning delivers. Please participate to bring current data into the Cx business model!

Our goal is to collect specific economic information from 1,000 projects.  In order to reach this goal, we are asking your organization to provide data on at least five projects (more is even better).

Here are a couple of tips to help make filling out the survey easier:

  1. Economic Data. The survey responses are a combination of economic data (Cost Data, Energy Use and Savings) and project data (Project Description, Deficiencies & Measures, Non-Energy Impacts).  We recognize that it is less common for economic data to be tracked in New Construction projects, compared to Existing Building projects.  However, one of the main questions asked about the value of commissioning centers around how much it costs and how much it saves.

If you have a New Construction project that tracks actual or estimated energy savings, please include it in your survey response.  Note that estimated energy savings is acceptable, and should be noted under the Energy Savings Determination Method (Line 232).  Please focus on energy savings due to commissioning influences (such as design/submittal reviews, functional testing, improved training), not on non-commissioning retrofits.

If you don’t track energy savings for New Construction projects, then please focus on providing data from Existing or Ongoing commissioning projects

  1. Focus on the Red Boxes. If you are struggling with the number of line items on the survey response, note that it is acceptable to just fill out the line items with the red cell outlines.  This is the minimum data that we need for the integrity of the study.  The more information included will greatly improve the study results, but at a minimum, please fill out the cells with the red outlines.
  2. Use Excel’s Comments feature. Please do not alter the structure of the Excel spreadsheet.  Each spreadsheet received will eventually be merged into a master document during analysis.  Please use Excel’s comment feature to include any clarifications or questions on the data entered.

To get started, please download the 2017 data collection spreadsheet at:  (Due to various updates in Chrome, Internet Explore and Microsoft Office products this URL might work best if you cut and paste into the browser of your choice.)  

This Excel file consists of a multi-sheet workbook.  Please read the instructions on how to fill out the form under the “Instructions” worksheet (first sheet in workbook).

The initial deadline for submittals is January 31, 2018.  If you have questions about the spreadsheet, please contact our Help Desk at  We sincerely appreciate your willingness to partner with us to update this landmark study on the value of commissioning.

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