By Candice Rogers, Paladin, Inc. As major organizations have raced to embrace “smart” buildings, they have discovered that merely adding sensors, hardware and software are not enough for a building to deliver on its intelligent potential. As designers and installing contractors have attempted to harness the Internet of Things for buildings, they have run up […]


At near record-breaking attendance, Spring Training BCxA Style kicked off with our BCxA In-Person 2-day Commissioning for New Construction Training Class, followed by the 2-day Existing Building Commissioning Class, at the Evanston, IL office of Grumman/Butkus Associates. Our hosts, John Villani and Kevin Vander Klay, hit it out of the park providing a great venue […]

Chapter Events – Southwest Chapter

Rocky Mountain High One of the goals of the Southwest Chapter is to improve outreach to the design and construction community. The Southwest Chapter recently purchased booths at two local conferences in Denver – Rocky Mountain Green, and Rocky Mountain ASHRAE Technical Conference) to network with consultants and owners and educate conference attendees on the […]

WE’RE ADVOCATING FOR YOU! Certification: Louisiana Legislature

On April 9th, the Louisiana House of Representatives passed Bill No. 748, Occupational Licensing Review Act which recommends that “Individuals possessing a ‘certification’ from a voluntary program shall not utilize the term ‘certified’ as a title.” Our concern, as with other ANSI-accredited certifying organizations, was that the Certified Commissioning Professional designation would be disallowed in […]


By Brad Jones, President NE Chapter Who doesn’t love a little recognition? Let’s face it, regardless of the importance of the commissioning provider’s role on a project, we don’t always receive the recognition we deserve. Building industry project awards are typically focused on the design team or construction team and the commissioning provider is often […]

Tag, You’re It! How Do You Think “Semantic Tagging Will Affect Cx?”

Naming conventions plague the building design and construction industry. ASHRAE and industry partners have formed a committee to develop national and international standardized meaning and tagging that will ease the language barrier across building automation and control platforms. The resulting proposed Standard, ASHRAE 223P “Designation and Classification of Semantic Tags for Building Data,” is scheduled […]


By Ryan Lean, Membership Committee Chair People have a tendency to miss seeing objects when their size is inconsistent with their surroundings, according to a study published in 2017. Expectations dramatically affect our ability to notice what’s around us. I found this study very interesting in relation to the value question we always ask ourselves […]


Meeting with leaders who support the advancement of commissioning is inspiring. Between sponsoring and attending the National Institute of Building Science (NIBS) Building Innovation Conference, participating in the ASHRAE Winter Conference, and working with the US DOE Energy Exchange Planning Committee, we’ve been able to work face to face with people who want to influence […]