By Brad Jones, President NE Chapter

Who doesn’t love a little recognition? Let’s face it, regardless of the importance of the commissioning provider’s role on a project, we don’t always receive the recognition we deserve. Building industry project awards are typically focused on the design team or construction team and the commissioning provider is often not included. While we are busy making sure their buildings are actual performing as intended, they are basking in the spotlight. Four years go we decided it was time to make a change. The recent BCxA Northeast Chapter awards to these three owners and their CxPs are a great demonstration of our total project teamwork!

At the Northeast Chapter, we appreciate the owners we work with and are always looking for ways to engage with our members. Several years ago we launched a project recognition award program to recognize both the commissioning work of our members and the commitment of their clients to the commissioning process. For the last four years owners and commissioning providers have enthusiastically embraced the award program.

The chapter has received positive feedback from our members and more importantly from the owners who are using commissioning to improve the performance of their buildings. It’s a unique opportunity for our members to provide some recognition for their clients.

A common refrain we hear year to year from the owner contacts is captured in the following quote: “Being considered a worthy candidate was a great honor so I cannot tell you how much we appreciate actually winning this award.” As I said, who doesn’t love a little recognition?

We are excited to see the Building Awards Program offered to chapters across the US and Canada, and we’re looking forward to seeing highlights of all the great work BCxA members are doing for their clients!

Project: Bronx County Hall of Justice, New York

Project: Brown University School of Engineering, Rhode Island

Project: Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex, Massachusetts



  1. Tom Poeling

    I would be curious to know the quantity of energy savings that came out of the Bronx County project?

  2. Tom Poeling

    For the Brown University project, I would be curious to know how the commissioning scope was changed because of the IPD project delivery? Was there more involvement in the design phase?

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