Tag, You’re It! How Do You Think “Semantic Tagging Will Affect Cx?”

Naming conventions plague the building design and construction industry. ASHRAE and industry partners have formed a committee to develop national and international standardized meaning and tagging that will ease the language barrier across building automation and control platforms. The resulting proposed Standard, ASHRAE 223P “Designation and Classification of Semantic Tags for Building Data,” is scheduled for public review later in 2018. BCxA staff conversations with the developers indicate there is interest in having CxPs weigh-in on the value of semantic tagging in the commissioning process…we want to hear from you!

  1. Tom Poeling

    Look for follow-up commentaries from subject matter experts in coming blogs. There’s lots to unpack on this subject.

  2. Craig Hofferber

    This is a great idea for making it possible to access systems and points between systems, for example between groups of buildings or buildings on the same campus. Labor saving if done right when applying analytics to BAS systems.

  3. Tom Ertsgaard

    This should be a huge benefit to large Users interested in applying FDD and Analytics (Universities, Campuses, and/or multiple locations nationwide /worldwide); benefits of cost-savings and reduced time/effort to implementation. Even if a User is not ready to implement, specifying this ASHRAE Standard (once Approved), or even the predecessor(s), will assure New Construction and Major Renovation Projects can take advantage of these savings in the future.

  4. BCxA From The Field: Data Tagging - BCxA

    […] brought Project Haystack to your attention back in May with “Tag, You’re It! How Do You Think “Semantic Tagging Will Affect Cx?” Project Haystack is working closely with ASHRAE on proposed Standard, ASHRAE 223P […]

  5. BCxA AHR Award Goes to BCxA Corporate Member - BCxA

    […] Project Haystack is a “collaborative community addressing the challenge of utilizing semantic modeling and tagging to streamline the interchange of data among different systems, devices, equipment and software applications.” Project Haystack’s ongoing discussions with ASHRAE (originators of the BACnet standard) and Brick (a Uniform Metadata Schema for Buildings) have also begun to co-develop data strategies for the future as ASHRAE Standard 223P: Designation and Classification of Semantic Tags for Building Data, which provides a dictionary of semantic tags for descriptive tagging of building data including building automation and control data along with associated systems. Ultimately, ASHRAE Standard 223P is intended to be adopted as an ISO standard. For more about how semantic tagging will affect commissioning, see BCxA 2018 Blog article, “Tag, You’re It!” […]

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