Meeting with leaders who support the advancement of commissioning is inspiring. Between sponsoring and attending the National Institute of Building Science (NIBS) Building Innovation Conference, participating in the ASHRAE Winter Conference, and working with the US DOE Energy Exchange Planning Committee, we’ve been able to work face to face with people who want to influence the advancement of Cx across the building community. Here’s what happened:

NIBS Building Innovation Conference

We (BCxA President John Villani, Past President Bill McMullen, and Executive Director Liz Fischer) attended the NIBS pre-conference meeting of the Commercial Workforce Credentialing Council. After working with the Council in 2014-2016 on the development of training and certification efforts in commissioning we have stayed engaged. A current and future focus of the Council is on developing a model for accredited training certificates of completion (not to be confused with “certification.)”

We also participated in the Commissioning Leadership Council meeting. This group looks to advance the performance of buildings with whole building and building system commissioning through education and training; public outreach; publications; and knowledge sharing. A common theme at the meeting was urging NIBS to leverage their affiliations and drive the industry toward specifications and procurement processes that prefer organizations to hire professionals with ANSI-accredited certifications.

ASHRAE Winter Conference/AHR

President Villani and Past President Bruce Pitts presented a well-attended session on best practices and the future of commissioning in a changing built environment. They and Liz Fischer participated in discussions at the TC 7.9 (Building Commissioning Technical Committee). TC 7.9 is responsible for the commissioning chapter in the HVAC Applications Handbook. This chapter, updated every 4 years, provides an overview of the commissioning process covered in 3 and Guideline 1.1-2007, and correlates with Standard 202-2013.

Cx Insights from the conferences:

  • The future of off-site construction is here, and we need to look at how we apply the Cx process to these new construction applications
  • Building resiliency is a top priority after the NOAA report that 2017 was the costliest year on record for weather and climate disasters
  • Building industry specifications and procurement processes are increasingly under review

Energy Exchange/Better Buildings Summit Planning

Liz Fischer is a member of this planning committee, working with FEMP and others to plan the annual training event for facility managers and energy managers of federal real estate and the contractors who support them. This year, the BCxA is a Silver Sponsor of Energy Exchange. We will also be exhibiting and hosting a 2-day training class on New Construction Commissioning, followed by the Associate Commissioning Professional (ACP) exam.

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