Building type: Multi-tenant Office
Gross floor area: 2,480,000 square feet
Total buildings: 2
Energy Savings since installation of EMIS: 9% whole building energy savings
MBCx Service provider: Sieben Energy Associates
EMIS Tools: SkySpark by SkyFoundry and Business Energy Analyzer by ComEd

Tishman Speyer, property owner and property manager of The Franklin in downtown Chicago, was eager to employ a state-of-the-art strategy to dig deeper into its HVAC system performance. They wanted to find and fix problems faster, employing insights beyond what the BAS could tell them. They wanted to identify previously unknown energy reduction opportunities and monitor the persistence of energy saving performance to help ensure return on investment.

The local electric utility, ComEd, was promoting monitoring-based commissioning as a fresh technology to help uncover energy reduction opportunities. The utility incentivized building owners’ monitoring-based commissioning start-up costs.

Following completion of data integration, opportunities began to reveal themselves. Sieben Energy Associates, as the property’s data analytics service provider, and the property engineering team quickly collaborated to take advantage of what the data revealed to implement operational changes for The Franklin’s ongoing commissioning (OCx) program. Additional data streams were enabled using wireless technology thereby giving enhanced visibility into operations that had been previously opaque to building staff. Read the complete case study.

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