By Tom Poeling, PE, CEM, CCP, US Engineering Company
BCxA International Board Member

BCxA is collaborating with Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) to update the 2009 Evan Mills study on the value of building commissioning.  The mission is to maintain the relevance of the premier resource on commissioning cost and benefit for commercial buildings.

The Data Collection phase is now complete.  We are pleased to report that we have received data from over 1,300 buildings, which is double the amount of buildings analyzed in the 2009 study.

LBNL is currently performing the analysis of the building data.  Here are the major deadlines in the next 6 months:

  • End of July. The data quality check plan will be completed.  All the data will be organized and compared against the 2009 study data set.  LBNL will check the consistency of the input data, check for missing data, and review outliers.
  • End of August. LBNL will complete the analysis, will review the findings and create key take-aways from the analysis results.
  • End of September. Technical articles, fact sheets and presentations will be created to summarize the findings of the study.
  • October 17th at Noon. The full results of the Value of Commissioning study will be discussed during the Lunch Session at the BCxA Conference in Nashville.  Click here to see the full conference agenda and to register.
  • End of November. Technical articles and fact sheets will released through various communication channels through the BCxA and LBNL.  Information will be available through the BCxA website and social media outlets.
  • First Quarter 2019. The results of the study will be used to create future programs through various BCxA committees and chapters.  BCxA will be active in promoting the results of this study to outside stakeholders.

Stay tuned to The Checklist for more information on this landmark study.

  1. Roberto sanchez

    We in Mexico are quite interested to get such information, in ISO TC 205 we are several countries developing the ISO 22708 Commissioning to be bsllot thiz year. This study will reinforce the adoption in the industry

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