Spotlight on Chuck Benningfield – “Share a Box of Donuts”

Our Spotlight on Members recognizes Chuck Benningfield this month.  Chuck is COO/President of McIntosh Corporation in Tulsa, Oklahoma. McIntosh is a prominent mechanical contractor providing HVAC & plumbing, TAB, commissioning, and a variety of related services in Oklahoma. The Southwest Chapter asked Chuck to talk about his involvement in the BCxA. In addition to his advice to communicate up-down-and across and share a box of donuts, here is what he had to say.

How long have you been a member of the BCxA?  I joined the BCxA in 2008 upon completion of my certification to become a Qualified Commissioning Process Provider from the University of Michigan.

What do you feel are the benefits of membership? The importance of staying abreast of changing industry practices, emerging technologies/tools, and staying connected to those in the building community is incredibly valuable. Some of the most frequent resources used include the knowledge center, monthly free TechTalks, and Cx Application tools.

What would you tell a young professional about the commissioning profession to encourage a career as a commissioning provider?  This is a chosen path that really has to be thought through with the intent of making a difference for both the owners of the structure and those that the building serves. Providing expertise from start to finish with a broad team requires dedication to team work. Helping to ensure a place of business such as a hospital, school building, or multiple story office complex is operating and serving the community, and knowing that you had a hand in that is a great feeling.

Share a best practice or service that is most requested. How do you provide this service for your clients? The ability to provide a sense of collaboration and bring a diverse team of suppliers and stakeholders together to accomplish a successful build is a critical skill for any commissioning agent. To do this well, you have to communicate up-down-and across.  Be involved in every meeting you can. Develop a relationship with the design team early on. Get out on the job site and establish relationships with the sub-contractors; they are the people that create the physical reality of the structure. The ability to build rapport with these skilled craftsmen requires an understanding of construction methodologies. Listen to them. Allow them to share their ideas over lunch or a box of donuts as they often have great suggestions regarding the layout that the team might have overlooked.

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  1. Carl Lawson

    The BCA is probably one of the most professional organizations that I’ve been associated with in my life. This group is very dedicated. I was very privelidged to be one of the first speakers at the very first conference in Sacramento California. Now I have followed this organization and see it grow under the Liz and see where commissioning process has grown.

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