What Your BCxA Board Does for You

The elected members of the BCxA Board of Directors include 13 voting members and the non-voting immediate past president, making up 5 Executive Committee members and 9 Directors-at-Large. Unlike most private sector boards, the BCxA Board is made up of association members who understand the nature and business of commissioning. Upon taking office, all Board members commit to a list of responsibilities that include strategic planning, managing resources, developing and monitoring programs and services, and working on behalf of BCxA members as ambassadors and advocates for the association, the profession, and practitioners of building commissioning. What, exactly, does that all mean to you?

The primary role of the BCxA Board is to ensure that members are offered the value that is represented by the mission of the association. The Board is responsible for directing the strategic vision and activities of the BCxA and seeing that everything we do is in keeping with that expressed mission, is financially viable, and is centered around expert guidance for, and career growth of, our members.

BCxA Board members work together to set strategic direction and evaluate current programs against the mission, knowing what’s happening in the building industry and responding with actions that make sure the process of commissioning is up-to-date, valid, helpful and understood by stakeholders. It is incumbent upon Board members to be aware of – and when possible, foresee – market changes that would affect members and industry stakeholders. Here are a few examples:

Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx). In 2008, when the new construction market was slowing down, the BCxA Board saw the need for educating commissioning providers to address existing buildings – resulting in training and publication of the Existing Building Best Practices. This effort, which occurred while new construction commissioning was declining, helped members keep their businesses going and expand their markets.

Initial Certification. Foresaw the need to build a certification for the marketplace 10+ years ago and worked to follow an international standard that would create a high bar, and created the Building Commissioning Certification Board (BCCB) for that purpose.

Current Certification. Because Board members had an eye on the industry, the demand by federal government to improve workforce performance through certification was not a surprise. BCxA Board members and staff were assigned as “change agents” to work with DOE, NIBS and the Commercial Workforce Credentialing Committee to help ensure that the mission of the certification groups was in alignment with the mission and values of the BCxA, and would help members move forward in the industry as it changes.

Staffing. In 2012, as the BCxA grew, the Board voted to hire full time staff in order to better implement the goals of the association and grow it to a size that could meet the mission and impact market transformation.

Organizational Resources. Recognizing the need to update resources, the Board recently directed staff and volunteers to revise the Building Commissioning Handbook (2017, third edition), update New Construction Commissioning Best Practices and (now in progress) update Existing Building Commissioning Best Practices.

Marketing and Outreach. Of the BCxA’s six subject matter committees, the Marketing Committee is led by a Board member whose role is to successfully deliver the message of the BCxA. We were essentially told, as a result of non-member survey, data gathering and analysis, that the BCxA is “made up of the smartest people in the room, but you’re the best-kept secret in the industry.” We are working hard on behalf of members to make sure everyone – owners, contractors, standards developers, legislators, and building community people alike – knows we’re here, and we’re a vigorous force.

Although the list is longer, here are the first five specific action items that Board members sign up for and agree to do, effectively and underscored by the integrity of the BCxA:

  1. contribute knowledge and experience to help assure success of programs and goals of the association;
  2. help influence key players and sectors in the industry;
  3. help recruit new members for the association;
  4. help secure funding for the association’s programs; and
  5. abide by the association’s conflict of interest policy.

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