FROM THE FIELD: New Uptime Institute Survey

The Uptime Institute has published its Eighth Annual Uptime Institute Data Center Survey, just in time for the 8th Annual Southeast 7×24 meeting on Tuesday October 2, 2018. The BCxA Southeast Chapter and 7×24 Exchange Carolinas Chapters are partnering once again to sponsor the all-day event at the NASCAR Hall Of Fame in Charlotte, North Carolina, and a discussion of the survey results may well be on the table. The survey covers key findings in the data center industry regarding efficiency, outages, data center infrastructure management (DCIM) of facility assets, resources and operations. One thing seems clear:

Like IBM’s Big Blue computer rooms, Ma Bell’s wired phone infrastructure, and electricity generation and distribution, the world is moving toward distributed and micro. For example, edge computing (deployment of local computing capacity to process data closer to the source of its generation) “will add a layer of operational and management complexity.” The 19-page survey summary indicates that responses were received from 867 global end-users who are responsible for managing infrastructure at the world’s largest IT organizations. About 43 percent were U.S. and Canada respondents.

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