BCxA 20th Anniversary: Did you know?

The Start of Something Special: Regional Chapters

In 2002 the BCxA started its Chapter Development Committee. The mission of the committee was to guide and assist in the formation of new chapters and support and interface with existing chapters in their growth and development for the betterment of BCxA. They were tasked to:

    1. Develop New BCA Chapters – Assure there is at least one viable chapter in each BCxA region by identifying key individuals for positions on chapter formation steering committees.
    2. Foster Chapter Strength – Monitor the viability of existing chapters, support strong programs at the chapter level, and assure that chapters build local communities of practice.
    3. Provide Guidance to BCxA Board – Develop suggestions on ways the Association can provide necessary services to chapters.
    4. Assure Compliance – Assist the Board in assuring Chapters are following BCxA charter maintenance and reporting.

In May, 2003, the Southeast Chapter of the Building Commissioning Association (SERBCA) was the first Chapter to receive its formal Charter from the BCxA Board of Directors. This year, along with the BCxA SERBCA is celebrating its own anniversary — SERBCA has been serving members for 15 years! Thank you SERBCA for your dedication to the Association and its members!

  1. David L Lewis

    I have been a member for quite a few years and really enjoy BCxA activities, etc. The contacts you make with others who do the same thing you do is a solid gold experience.
    Several times I have said to myself that maybe BCxA should also have Regional Subchapters. Today’s market has everyone very busy and to travel to a Regional even can be difficult, even as in my case with an event is Chicago.
    I really wanted to be at attendance at the 20th year event coming up but I will be in the middle of Cx on a very important data center that I have worked with through initial client contact, extreme design reviews, and everything else as a general contractor (my group provides Cx and assists our general contractor superintendents and project engineers during construction).
    Let’s talk about Missouri, a Subchapter in KC and STL could give BCxA some more boots on the ground. I would like to speak with BCxA folks about this subject. I think a regional subchapter in these two cities would be beneficial on many fronts. Maybe as important is that it would sure be better recruiting for new BCxA members.
    In STL even joint meetings with this very active ASHRAE Chapter could give us a boost – many topics for ASHRAE monthly meetings are of interest to Cx Providers.
    Would hope we (BCxA) can give consideration to this concept.

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