Industry Partnership: MBCx Best Practices Recognized at BCxA Conference

Monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) and analytics featured strongly at the recent BCxA conference, so it was fitting that the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign (SEAC), with the BCxA as an Organizing Partner, chose this venue to recognize partners for their outstanding efforts. Amy Jiron of the U.S. DOE and Hannah Kramer of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab highlighted the exemplary work of three building owners and two MBCx providers.

In the MBCx provider category the following firms were recognized:

Jerry Burin, Sieben Energy Associates

Sieben Energy Associates for work with The Franklin and Michigan Plaza. Sieben implemented EMIS at two large properties totaling 4.5M sq ft.  MBCx has lasted many years and achieved good savings (The Franklin: 9% whole building energy savings, $366,000/yr savings, Michigan Plaza 12.6% savings)

Mike O’Connor, CBRE | ESI

CBRE | ESI for support of GSA and Sprint headquarters. Sprint headquarters (4 Million sq ft), achieved savings of $431,000 in energy costs with the support of CBRE|ESI. GSA installation has seen an average of 14% energy savings across 57 buildings.

Jerry Burin of Sieben Energy Associates and Mike O’Connor of CBRE|ESI accepted awards at the BCA Conference. Also recognized at the conference were building owners who had demonstrated outstanding results from new installations of energy information systems (EIS) and fault detection & diagnostics (FDD) software.

New Installation of EIS in a Single Site:

Clise Properties, Seattle, WA. Even with an ENERGY STAR benchmark score of 90, they found opportunities for improvement – peak demand, time of peak, and total energy usage are now being closely tracked and analyzed.

New Installation of EIS in a Portfolio:

Stanford University Residence and Dining Enterprises. Stanford, CA. Several years ago, Stanford University’s Residential and Dining Enterprises could not track utility consumption in a meaningful way. This changed when they added an energy information system (EIS) to track utilities and locate savings opportunities, an effort that has resulted in $450,000 savings across their portfolio.

New Installation of FDD in a Single Site:

Kerry, Inc., Beloit, WI has spearheaded implementation of FDD software at their 320,000 sq ft building.

Kerry Inc.

They’ve used the building analytics to show savings in almost real time instead of waiting for every energy bill.

More detail on these and previous award winners is posted on the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign website. It’s encouraging to see the growth of MBCx, fueled by greater number and diversity of analytics tools and more commissioning providers adding FDD/EIS capabilities to their suite of offerings. With the ever-increasing complexity of modern buildings, along with longstanding challenges maintaining persistence of commissioning savings, shifting to MBCx is a natural, smart move.

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