BCxA Annual Conference: Post-Script – Brutally Honest Letter to a Speaker

By Lyn Gomes, P.E., CCP, LEED AP, CLCATT, BCxA Conference Chair
kW Engineering

Brutal honesty: I attended your conference presentation because I had to (room monitor/moderator). BUT I’m really glad I did. And yes, I don’t do high-rises. I got a lot out of it anyway (3 pages of notes for a 1 hour presentation!)


Because you kept it practical. And you were entertaining and engaging as well. And the lessons you taught could be applied on my other projects:

  • Prevention is your best action: ‘nuff said
  • Envelope integrity is critical to maintaining pressurization
  • I can apply the specifics to my lab projects
  • You have to look at it holistically (i.e. its not just about mechanical!)
  • How you test is most important to not wasting your time

I still remember why you “finish in the middle” (I have so much respect for you that you were able to be vulnerable enough to admit a mistake in order that others wouldn’t do so. This is selfless and beautiful and more people should be this way.) – Test in all conditions, but start simple so you eliminate the obvious first and don’t waste your time.

Thinking back on it, the biggest reason I was glad I attended was that it exemplified what I expect from our presenters: an unselfish desire to improve our industry. I got so much out of your presentation I believe that (if I had to) I could test a pressurized stairwell system. (But really, I’d rather fly you out to do it!)

Thanks again. I’m definitely looking forward to your presentation next year.

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