THE VALUE OF COMMISSIONING: Evaluation, Results and Drivers

We all know there is value in commissioning, but HOW MUCH? The BCxA has collaborated with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) over the past year to conduct two surveys – “market issues” and “building project data.” The purpose of this project is to update the findings of the Evan Mills 2009 study to reflect today’s — and affect tomorrow’s — market conditions. We continue to analyze the results of 671 submissions that demonstrate the scope, cost and savings factors that are showing up in new construction and existing building commissioning. Survey details, presented at the BCxA conference in October, are available for you now.

Our evaluation concerns what’s driving change, how is that change reflected in the decade since the 2009 study (surveys performed in 2008) took place and, ultimately, what we can expect in the future as codes, Owner expectations, and the scope of commissioning escalate.

Over the next cycle of Checklists, we plan to “go deep” into the results and drivers, and engage you, our readers, in providing comments on your market conditions and industry trends to continue to update the value of commissioning in ways that you can sell to Owners and other stakeholders. Stay tuned for the next Checklist featuring analysis of the new construction commissioning (NCCx) market — we will ask for, and publish, your anonymous feedback as we progress.

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