Building New Resilience In North America: New U.S. Benchmarks & Canada Building Code

The International Code Council (ICC) and the Alliance for National and Community Resilience (ANCR) have just released their community resilience benchmarks on buildings. This pilot document, the first in a series of community benchmarks, focuses on providing communities with a mechanism to evaluate their current state of resilience and a guide for areas in which they can improve.

In response to climate change, building code changes are on the way in Canada, in two stages beginning in 2020. Climate change standards will first be incorporated into Canada’s National Building Code. Designers will then be required to create durability plans for new structures. The changes “are a response to expected harsher weather events resulting from climate change. Building durability plans will have to be based on the life of the building, the life of the envelope components of the building and the elements that are part of those components,” according to Peter Fabris, Contributing Editor of Building Design and Construction.

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