Project Haystack “Connections”

Project Haystack, which is partnering with ASHRAE to develop naming conventions for the proposed ASHRAE Standard 223P: “Designation and Classification of Semantic Tags for Building Data,” recently published its 62-page quarterly, “Connections.” An article by Marc Petock describes how to develop a data management plan for accurate building performance analytics, with guidance for collection, sorting and exchanging the critical information that directly correlates to improving operations. “To get the most accurate information you’ll need to ‘tune-up” the building systems and check the calibration of sensors and meters. The building systems themselves should be regularly recommissioned or utilize monitoring-based commissioning by using analytics software. Data is a corporate asset that when used can empower organizations to make more informed, fact-based decisions that drive better outcomes.”

In 2018, we ran articles about semantic tagging in The Checklist, including “Tag, You’re It!,” describing ASHRAE’s work with Project Haystack and the Brick Initiative to develop the proposed standard. When completed, it will provide a universal dictionary of semantic tags for descriptive tagging of building data, including building automation and control data along with associated systems. The first public review of the initial draft should be available soon. Ultimately, ASHRAE Standard 223P is intended to be adopted as an ISO standard.

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