Canada’s New IPD Contract

The new Canadian Construction Documents Committee contract, “CCDC 30 – Integrated Project Delivery Contract” addresses issues specific to integrated project delivery (IPD) deliverables, liability allocation, and [READ MORE] the usual contract terminology. The purpose of IPD is to increase efficiency, reduce waste and reduce project team disputes. The concept is that the design/construction team, including commissioning providers, work to identify not only the scope but also the potential profits and risks (in a cost-plus contract) for meeting mutually agreed project objectives. According to the CCDC, the contract document “also outlines the project management structure of an IPD project including the senior management team, project management team and project implementation teams.” The contract includes project roles and responsibilities from predesign through the occupancy (warranty) phase. Check out these successful cases of IPD! To learn more about the contract, contact the CCDC.

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