Modular construction Cx?

Modular construction, or offsite prefabricated structures and systems assembly, is affecting the new construction industry across the nation. According to Forbes, over $1 billion in venture capital funding has been invested in modular building startups in the past few years. The National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS, or The Institute) recently released Report of the […]

2019 hospital construction survey

In March, the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) released the results of its annual construction survey. Each year the survey focuses on different core topics – this year, the spotlight was on (1) the cost of regulations and uneven code enforcement, and (2) forecast for new construction, major renovation, and building systems in 2019-2020. […]

ACP / CCP / CCF Congratulations: March 2019

BCCB would like to congratulate to the following individuals and organizations for achieving Associate Commissioning Professional (ACP), Certified Commissioning Professional (CCP), and Certified Commissioning Firm (CCF) designation. These individuals and firms join the ranks of the most qualified commissioning providers in the industry. Great work! ACP / CCP / CCF Congratulations New ACPs Wesley Emerson […]

Chicago – new building codes after 70 years!

On March 13th, before Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel leaves office in May, he introduced major revisions to the mostly 70-year-old Chicago Building Code. The code is based on the latest editions of the International Building Code (IBC) for new construction and the International Existing Building Code (IEBC). The provisions of the International Energy Conservation Code-Commercial […]

Healthcare facilities: pressurization design and commissioning

Architects and engineers are encouraged to attend a panel discussion of professional engineers experienced in the design and commissioning of pressurization requirements in healthcare facilities, the AIA Healthcare Knowledge Community April Design Dialogue on Tuesday, April 9th at 5:30pm. Sponsored by BCxA Corporate Member Grumman/Butkus and hosted by SmithGroup, the presentation is free of charge […]

Want a better building? Do this.

Editorials are meant to influence opinion and promote critical thinking — essentially, an opinionated news story. We added this section to The Checklist to allow for articles that reflect our market, and provoke thought or action. If selected, your article may either contain a byline or be anonymous. by Justin D’Arcy, PE, and Sumeta Sachdeva, […]

Who’s “commissioning” structural performance?

The now-infamous San Francisco Salesforce Transit Center’s cracked steel beam failure is provoking finger-pointing and lawsuits, but regardless of blame it’s possible that commissioning from predesign through construction by materials and structural experts may have identified the flaws and even prevented the disaster. Three relevant programs are underway at the National Institute of Standards and […]