Don’t Complain About Title 24 – Do Something!

The California Energy Commission selects measures to support for each code cycle of California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24, Part 6).

Potentially useful changes to building commissioning were not included in 2019 updates to the standards — but before July 31st (3 months from now) you have the opportunity to be heard: submit commissioning measures for 2022, write comments to the Energy Commission, engage in and/or understand the current Pre-Rulemaking and Rulemaking process.

The California Codes and Standards Enhancement (CASE) Team is now prioritizing measures for inclusion in this code update cycle here. The CEC’s commissioning infographic below is a quick bird’s eye view of the current code, the baseline for changes you propose.

What you can do now to champion the market shift for Cx best practices in codes:

  1. Provide justification for Cx code changes. Send your actual examples/stories of substandard commissioning, or issues that have arisen from a conflict of interest.
  2. Submit forward-looking Cx code language from your city or state. Send sample code language for consideration.

Commissioning providers have been deeply affected by California’s “green code” practices. We strongly encourage you stakeholders to use your voice to improve practices for the commissioning profession. California codes, especially Title 24, frequently set a precedent and become the model for the nation’s – and the building industry’s – energy and performance goals.

The BCxA April 19, 2018 blog article provides more insight on Title 24 and what did not happen for commissioning providers in 2018.

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