Dodge/Autodesk Survey: KPIs of Construction

Autodesk (think: AutoCAD, BIM 360, Revit and digital twin software) commissioned a study with Dodge Data and Analytics to survey contractors and trade professionals to identify and analyze current processes for planning and executing projects. Process (performance) indicators key to providing commissioning services were identified as especially useful for defining performance in delivering building construction projects:

  1. Problems Discovered in Construction Documentation
  2. Logging RFIs & Responses
  3. Documenting Change Orders
  4. Updating the Project Schedule
  5. Software for Safety & Inspections
  6. Labor Productivity
  7. Quality & Close-Out

Among the comparisons of GCs and trades, these software-based processes stood out:

Process General Contractors Trades
Capturing change orders 68% 59%
Updating schedule daily/weekly 30% 54%
Managing safety & inspections using software 53% 19%
Using software to manage punchlist/closeout 58% 16%


The survey findings suggest that by adopting specific processes for project management, contractors can reduce risk, downstream problems and improve performance. Other items of note:

  • > Using software to manage punchlist/closeout is seen at a higher frequency with large general contractors, who use it almost twice as much as small companies.
  • > 44% of general contractors are engaging in “punchlist-as-you-go” (using project software) on at least half of their projects.
  • > 68% of trades are not using mobile tech on 75% of their projects.

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