ASHRAE Standard 224P Public Review

BIM Requirements for Design, Construction, Operation, Contracts

The 45-Day working draft review of the proposed BSR/ASHRAE Standard 224P, “Standard for the Application of Building Information Model” will be completed by August 26, 2019. We have been tracking the progress of this proposed standard over the past year. Standard 224P provides minimum requirements for the application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) to the planning, design, construction, and operation of new construction or the renovation of, or additions to, existing buildings. This standard, when approved, also defines how to include BIM requirements in design, construction, and operations services contracts.

At this time, Standard 224P is a working, chair-approved draft document for review only by the cognizant ASHRAE groups and designated reviewers. You can locate the PDF draft document by scrolling down this list, then read it on the ASHRAE website. Now is a good time to understand the proposed standard, consider any potential effect on commissioning providers, and be ready to respond when ASHRAE solicits public comments.

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