USGBC’S Peer Rating System – Microgrids and Portfolio-Scale Sustainability Projects

By Wayne A. Dunn, PE, PEng, LEED AP – Principal, E.W. Dunn (content edited)

Join BCxA’s Board Member, Wayne Dunn, for his webinar September 9th describing the approach and benefits of the USGBC/GBCI third-party rating system known as PEER: Performance Excellence in Electricity Renewal. What’s in it for commissioning providers? A lot! This is a global market transformation, and a growth area for functional testing and verification of building and infrastructure performance.

PEER is a rating program for sustainable power system performance in city-scale projects, campus projects and locally-generated power supply projects. Similar to the LEED rating system, the PEER program is composed of prerequisites plus core and bonus points. Green Business Certification, Inc. (GBCI) administers both programs on behalf of USGBC.

Commissioning is on the cusp of evolution beyond the single-building perspective and expanding into commissioning buildings as part of a broader infrastructure where resilience, reliability, efficiency and performance form the basis for “smart cities” and sustainable portfolios.

Utilities face several major opportunities that are challenging the electricity system — a shift to cleaner energy sources, rising demand, increasing amounts of data, and a desire for customers to contribute to sustainability goals. Utilities can leverage the PEER standard and lessons learned from PEER applications to expand into utility microgrids and district energy systems.

Stakeholders, ranging from utilities to consumers, will increasingly participate in electrical ecosystems that incorporate digital data analytics, controls and visually-augmented management of distributed/renewable energy resources, energy storage, district energy systems, demand response, load balancing and other features into community-wide systems – all with system (and probably significant code) requirements for new and ongoing performance verification.

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