Value of Commissioning – Current Market Drivers

Most of our readers know that recent BCxA/LBNL Value of Commissioning Survey and other Cx industry reports are available in their entirety here. In addition to Commissioning Giants, Consulting-Specifying Engineer, published the BCxA’s report summary of current commissioning market status in its October issue.

Among the important aspects of commissioning, one of the hardest to convey as selling points – is the contribution that commissioning providers make to building owners, facility managers and operators.

The 2019 CSE Commissioning Giants survey featured in the article above captured five reasons for the respondents’ projects, which were ranked from highest to lowest: mandates, savings, sustainability, resiliency, and marketability of the property.

The table below from the BCxA/LBNL Current Market Survey ranks additional, mostly systems-focused project purposes, that directly contribute to the value of designing, building and operating the facility:

When combined, the reasons for commissioning identified by both surveys provide the substance for effective marketing by commissioning providers in their business development efforts, and should be considered when marketing or responding to RFP/Qs, describing both global and project benefits.

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