ICC: Commercial Building Code Violations

The International Code Council’s 2019 Common Code Noncompliance Survey Report ranks the top commercial building code violations in construction-related trades, and details the reasons behind the violations. Building inspectors rank the top causes for issues and the categories of work where they most commonly take place: Workers that don’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions. A contractor’s […]

Decarbonizing Boston Buildings

In October of 2019, Boston released its Climate Action Plan Update. Building owners & operators can expect green building zone requirements to be strengthened, existing buildings over 35,000 square feet will be required to comply with a carbon emissions performance standard, and deep retrofits will likely be necessary for buildings in the commercial sector. for […]

Enablers and Barriers to EMIS: LBNL Survey 2019

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) conducted a survey of Smart Energy Analytics Campaign (SEAC) participants and supporters over the summer to “define next steps for future collaboration with building owners and industry.” Owners and supporting partners were asked what elements have been the most helpful enablers, barriers, and what they think is necessary to mainstream […]

Ready for Regeneration?: Think “LEED Positive”

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has just announced a visionary plan for the next generation of its rating system: “LEED Positive.” According to GBCI, Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI), in order to help address challenges of resource scarcity, air quality, resilience and climate change, “the LEED Positive vision will guide USGBC in transitioning LEED […]

BCxA Annual Conference Summary

Available now! Are you pictured? Every year the BCxA brings the annual Commissioning Conference to a different North American venue that optimizes availability for attendees, sponsors, speakers and exhibitors. In keeping with our 2019 location, the Annual Conference was celebrated in true BCxA style – this year we kicked off in Chicagoland with a 1920s […]

Women Increase Their Presence in Commissioning

It’s happening in commissioning and all across the building industry. This year, nearly fifteen percent (14.7%) of BCxA Annual Conference attendees were women who work in the field of commissioning as Cx providers, owners, facility managers and technology specialists. Ranging from commissioning newcomers to seasoned and certified providers, women are showing up in larger numbers […]