BCxA Launches New Advocacy Committee: Industry Alliances, Codes, Standards, Guidelines, Policies, Legislation

A core group of BCxA members and leadership met for the first time last week to review and provide feedback on a draft charter for the purpose, scope of work, chair and membership requirements, and 2020 goals for the Advocacy Committee.

Focus of the Advocacy Committee will fall into two major categories: (1) Advocacy for building relationships with other organizations, and (2) Advocacy on behalf of commissioning related codes, standards, guidelines, best practices and legislation at relevant local, state and national levels. In addition to actions in each of these categories, the Advocacy Committee would create a central repository for advocacy updates, information, resources and references, available to all BCxA members.

The charter defines that the committee shall have a chair who serves a 2-year term. The chair is nominated by the Executive Director through an application process. Anyone interested in pursuing the chair is asked to fill out an application that will soon be available on the BCxA website (

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