In memory of Nancy Benner, the Benner Award recognizes outstanding achievement in making building commissioning "business as usual." Nominations are for individuals and programs/organizations engaged in educational, demonstration, policy or actual commissioning activities that successfully promote excellence in building commissioning.

This year's winner: New York City Department of Design & Construction

The New York City Department of Design & Construction, and their associated commissioning team, have worked tirelessly over the last decade to make commissioning business as usual.  They currently have one of the most extensive portfolios of building projects in the country.  Teaming with all of NYC's other agencies, they ensure buildings are designed, constructed, and turned over while adhering to the BCxA Best Practices.  They have continuously improved their process, scope of work, and contracting methods to not only ensure best practices but to have the highest quality buildings in their portfolio.  Their changes have also helped educate the construction industry on the value of commissioning and help move the industry forward. 

Congratulations to the New York City Department of Design and Construction for winning this year's Benner Award!