2020 BCxA (Virtual) Annual Conference Invite

By Craig Hawkins, a BCxA Founder

Many of us were looking forward to engaging and networking at the BCxA Annual Conference, originally scheduled for late September in Phoenix, AZ.

However, there’s been a “slight change in plans.” Like many gatherings in 2020, the Conference has gone virtual! So, you might ask, “What does this mean for me?” Let’s take a quick look at the learning, more available CEUs, and savings opportunities this offers: [READ MORE]

  1. If you have attended the BCxA Conference in the past, you might have been torn between choosing which session to attend from the variety of interesting sessions because almost every session is important to your profession and critical to your business.

This year, the problem of having to choose between sessions is eliminated. The BCxA will broadcast 5 hours of live sessions under a single title track, every Monday in August. Each of the sessions will be recorded, so you can attend one “live” and see others at your leisure. All sessions will be available on-demand after they’ve premiered at the Conference.

  1. For those who have not attended a BCxA Conference before, I have to ask …. why not? If it’s time away from your projects, travel costs, or cost of the conference itself, the virtual 2020 BCxA Conference is designed with you in mind—we have eliminated those nasty hurdles. By attending this year’s virtual Conference, you do so from the comfort of your own home or office, with no travel costs! There will be 5 live sessions, for a total of 5 hours, every Monday in August, so you can still stay in your area and not leave your project sites for a week, as before.
  2. Last—and here’s the best budgetary part of this year’s conference: the cost has been drastically reduced! Since we don’t have hotel costs for meeting rooms and food, we are passing the savings on to you. Instead of the usual member fee of $650, the BCxA member cost for the 2020 virtual BCxA Annual Conference is only $450.

No hotel costs, no airline costs, you get access to ALL of the sessions (not just the ones you attend “live”), which gives you access to all 25 CEUs offered!

You have no more excuses — Come join us this year!

  1. Ian B.D. McIntosh

    Thank you for offering this virtual conference. Will there be any virtual exhibits with opportunity to network virtually, say via an individual one-on-one chat functions? I experienced this recently at a Virtual JETC (Joint Engineering Training Conference) hosted by SAME in May. If not, please consider this idea.
    Thanks again!

    • bcanicole

      Hi Ian,

      Yes, there will be a virtual exhibit hall and opportunities to exhibit. Please contact Nicole Gardner, BCxA Marketing & Events Manager, at for more information.

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