Full public review is invited on the Title, Purpose, and Scope (TPS) for this newly approved OCx Guideline, “Ongoing Commissioning Process for Buildings, Systems and Assemblies.”

In addition to the current BCxA OCx Best Practices, Guideline 1.7P-OCx will be a go-to resource for Commissioning Providers:

To make sure your knowledge and opinions are included, please review and comment by July 4, 2021!

Access by going to https://osr.ashrae.org/default.aspx, then scroll down and click on
TPS Guideline 1.7P, Ongoing Commissioning Process for Buildings, Systems and Assemblies”.

  1. PURPOSE: to describe an Ongoing Commissioning Process (OCx) for existing buildings, systems, and assemblies that have completed the new building or existing building commissioning process. This OCx process is intended to maintain and improve the facility operations performance achieved by previous commissioning and continue to meet the current facility requirements (CFR).
  2. SCOPE: This guideline addresses the following:
    1. Overview of Ongoing Commissioning Process (OCx) activities
    2. Assembly of the OCx Team, review of the current facility requirements (CFR), and development of the OCx Plan.
    3. Implementation of system/assembly performance measurements and verification processes.
    4. Assessment of achievement of the CFR.
    5. Investigation of unacceptable performance outcomes.
    6. Development and implementation of tune-up recommendations and reverification.
    7. Updating of the Systems Manual.
    8. Updating of facility O&M plans and personnel training.
    9. Development and delivery of the OCx Report.
    10. Updating the OCx Plans.