Bruce Pitts, BCxA President Emeritus, is the BCxA’s official representative to ASHRAE. He summarizes the efforts of SSPC 300 (ASHRAE Standing Standard Project Committee 300: Commissioning oversight committee, plus subcommittees) at the Winter Zoom Meetings, where the committees continued their work on updating the Standards and Guidelines. For example, ASHRAE Standards such as Standard 202 are ANSI-approved and are written in a way that can be referenced in building codes. Guidelines, on the other hand, are more detailed and provide deeper guidance on how to apply the process.

Here is a summary of the actions that took place at the Winter 2021 Meetings with regard to new and existing committees:

  • Standard 230 Commissioning Process for Existing Buildings; the committee has been working for the last few months via Zoom calls to finish the Standard document to prepare it to be published for Public Review. The current Guideline 0.2, below, will be updated in coordination with Standard 230.
  • Guideline 1.6P Commissioning of Data Centers:  The committee continuing work on creating and new guideline focused on the processes specific to Data Centers.  They have completed several sections and are continuing to move to other sections.
  • Guideline 1.7P Ongoing Commissioning Process for Buildings, Systems and Assemblies:  TC/TG 7.9 through letter ballot as of 02/01/21 approved the formation of the new subcommittee to create the Guideline in accordance with the proposed Title, Purpose and Scope.  The formation of the committee was proposed by Gerald Kettler and recommended that Bruce Pitts chair the committee. It has been sent to ASHRAE Procedures Administrators and is anticipated that the committee will be assigned to SSPC 300 for development and publication.


Existing Committees:

  • Standard 202 Commissioning Process of New Buildings and Systems is under continuous maintenance and is working to update the standard to conform with changes in the scope with the upcoming publication of Standard 230 for Existing Buildings. In the January meeting the modifications were proposed and will be voted on by members through letter ballots.
  • Guideline 0.2 Commissioning Process for Existing Systems and Assemblies: Guideline 0.2 is under continuous maintenance and will be updated in coordination with the publication of Standard 230, above. It will include more detail on the application of commissioning of Existing Buildings. BCxA members of this ASHRAE committee are also participating in the current effort to update the BCxA Existing Building Commissioning Best Practices.
  • Guideline O The Commissioning Process: the Guideline is being changed to conform with the publication of Standard 202 and to build more detail into the guideline.  The Guideline is under continuous maintenance and will include more detail on the application of commissioning of New Buildings.  As other commissioning guidelines are being published, Guideline 0 will continue to coordinate with the other Guidelines to maintain consistency with all other guidelines and standards.
  • Guideline 1.1 The HVAC Commissioning Process, has been published for public review and comments have been received.  The comments are being answered by the committee and we anticipate publication by June 2021. Republication is scheduled for 2021.
  • Guideline 1.4 Procedure for Preparing Facility Systems Manual: Guideline 1.4 published 2019 is under continuous maintenance and the committee is working on coordination of systems manuals with the evolution of new platforms for creating and maintaining manuals.
  • SSPC 300 Committee Meeting:  Following the above Subcommittee meeting the SSPC 300 Committee met to coordinate all the subcommittees:
    • Need to establish relationships with Standard 90.1 and Standard 189 Committees to coordinate terminology and commissioning processes with our related ASHRAE documents.
    • Ongoing Commissioning Guideline 1.7P will have the application with the TPS submitted to TC 7.9 for approval.  Once approved the Subcommittee will be assigned to SSPC 300 for creation and publication.
    • Common Annexes was approved for publication in 2020 and leadership is working with ASHRAE publications to determine how the Annexes will appear on the ASHRAE web site.  Appendices contained in the existing commissioning Standards and Guidelines are in the process of being coordinated with these Annexes. 

BCxA Members are well represented on all the ASHRAE commissioning committees. Our long history of work to influence these Standards and Guidelines with our representation will ensure that BCxA’s Best Practices, Webinars, TechTalks and Training are consistent with ASHRAE documents. Working successfully together, both associations’ publications are well coordinated.