BCxA 20th Anniversary The Original Commissioning Certification:  CCP 2002!

In 2002, the BCxA foresaw the need to initiate best in class commissioning certification. We established a Certification Committee to oversee the process of creating a Cx certification that would demonstrate a candidate’s proficiency as a result of measurable education, experience, and a rigorous written examination. The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) funded the effort to develop a certification program. The committee spent 18 months evaluating components of the certification program, explored associated professional issues, researched other industry certification programs, and sought input from the BCxA membership.

The process was based on the International Standards Organization (ISO) Standard 17024. At the time, requirements for achieving accreditation through this standard included (1) establishing a framework for administration of the program and (2) conducting a comprehensive survey of commissioning professionals to define the knowledge areas and specific skills required to conduct a successful building commissioning project. From this process, a comprehensive body of knowledge was developed, along with a determination of how the certification examination should be structured.

On June 15, 2004 the Building Commissioning Certification Board (BCCB) was officially incorporated in the state of Washington as a nonprofit organization, immediately and officially separated from the BCxA. In May 2004 the BCCB rolled out its first CCP exam. Today, the BCCB has added the Associate Certified Professional (ACP) and the Certified Commissioning Firm (CCF). In 2016 the CCP became the first Cx Certification to receive both the ANSI/ISO 17024:2012 accreditation and recognition by the Better Buildings Workforce Guidelines Program.