Times have been especially challenging, yet we’ve been able to offer great learning opportunities and support CxPs’ professional advancement this year. 2021 promises to deliver even more change in managing the built environment, from design through operations. Building on milestones like our highly successful virtual 2020 Annual Conference, the BCxA can help as you encounter new Cx challenges.

Joining the BCxA now qualifies you for membership through all of 2021. As you consider the quality of your professional associations, this is a good time to show you benefits that our members value most, ranked by survey responses:

BCxA Advocacy:

Influence on Cx issues that improve the profession       91%


Webinars, BCxA Conference, Classes, TechTalks             87%

Resources for Free:

Templates, NCCx, EBCx, OCx Best Practices                       87%

Resources for Purchase:

Building Cx Handbook, Stakeholder’s Guide                     83%

BCxA Website                                                                                     82%

Industry News:

Online Blog, Newsflash, biweekly “Checklist”                   76%

Member Discounts:

Trainings/Events                                                                          76%

Networking Opportunities, Chapter Events                      65%

Career Listings, Job resources                                                      47%