The NEEP region has consistently been at the forefront of state building code and appliance standards adoption. Several states (MA, MD) have legislative mandates requiring adoption of the latest code within one year of publication. Other states such as Maine have mandates requiring the state not to be more than one code cycle behind the national codes. Eleven of 13 NEEP states have adopted one of the latest two model codes (2015 IECC or 2018 IECC). Maine and West Virginia are on the 2009 IECC.

Massachusetts was the first state to adopt a statewide stretch code, followed by California and others. Five northeast states (NY, MD, RI, DC, VT) have stretch codes while Maine and Connecticut are developing them. DC has adopted a zero-energy appendix for commercial buildings that will become the base code by 2030. Three states (VT, NY, and MA) are on track to have zero energy base codes by 2030, and several other states (RI, DE, CT) have roadmaps to zero energy codes.