Target Corporation & Craig Hawkins, CCP, CxA, McKinstry, Receives Industry’s Highest Honor

(left to right) Bruce Pitts, BCxA President; Liz Fischer, BCxA Executive Director; Trent Nelson, Target Corporation; Shane Schroeder, Target Corporation; Dan Forino, Horizon Engineering Associates LLP

(left to right) Bruce Pitts, BCxA President; Craig Hawkins, McKinstry; Liz Fischer, BCxA Executive Director

Commissioning profession leaders, Target Corporation and Craig Hawkins, each received the renowned Benner Award at the 24th Annual National Conference on Building Commissioning (NCBC), held May 16-18, 2016 in Indian Wells, California. In memory of commissioning industry champion Nancy Benner, the Benner Award recognizes outstanding achievement in making building commissioning “business as usual”. Each year, the Benner Award Committee grants the award to an individual and/or organizational program that has engaged in educational or demonstration activities, policy initiatives, or endeavors that successfully promote building commissioning.

Target Corporation, recipient of the program award, has advocated for commissioning of all of its stores since their Commissioning Pilot Feasibility study in 2006. They have always identified closely with the value of commissioning as an investment in the life of their facilities and for overall energy efficiency benefits. Target’s current retail store count is at approximately 1800 locations. Not only are they dedicated to commissioning each store as it transitions to the new refrigeration model, they also conduct a proactive capital improvement program for existing building systems throughout their portfolio.

“It has been great to see their commitment to the commissioning process over the years, with unwavering involvement when many of the large box stores would see this as an area to cut cost. In a world where cash is king, we can see that Target views commissioning as a cost reducer across the board,” said nominator Daniel Forino of Horizon Engineering Associates LLP in New York City.

Craig Hawkins, who earned the individual Benner Award, has worked tirelessly in the commissioning industry for several decades. His passion for the commissioning profession is expressed in numerous ways. He has commissioned over 350 projects totaling more than 8 million square feet of facilities. Craig’s passion for commissioning is infectious among his clients and colleagues – when he is engaged on a project they quickly learn that he is one of their strongest advocates who understands and teaches what commissioning can do for them.

Beyond the enthusiasm of his clients, Craig’s extraordinary contribution stems from what he has accomplished for the commissioning profession as a whole. Craig is one of seven founding members of the Building Commissioning Association (BCxA). He has served on the International Board, Chapter Board, Professional Development Committee, Conference Planning Committee and, most recently, the Education and Training Development Committee. He is one of the BCxA’s most popular instructors and presenters. Craig has represented the commissioning profession at code hearings on the city, state, and national level. As one of his references put it, “Craig is not merely an advocate for commissioning, he is rabid in his advocacy for commissioning.”

Liz Fischer, BCxA Executive Director, says, “I am honored to once again present this award to the industry’s leaders. Both Target Corporation and Craig Hawkins exemplify the intent of the award and the pursuit of the challenge Nancy left to all of us in the commissioning profession.”

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