Four new Safety-First Pilot Credits have been created in response to the pandemic. The credits outline how LEED will support recovery efforts as businesses and communities prepare for post-pandemic life. The USGBC will refine the Safety Credit recommendations as needed and is welcoming feedback.

  1. Re-Enter Workspace. Space preparation; workforce preparation; access control; social distancing; green cleaning; touch point reduction; and communication.
  2. Clean and Disinfect Space. Procurement and use of cleaning supplies and disinfectants for use in a shared or public space, as well as procedures and training for cleaning personnel and occupancy control. The credit also requires the use of PPE by cleaning personnel—including eye protection, masks, and gloves.
  3. Manage Indoor Air Quality. Builds on IAQ prerequisites and credits in LEED and CDC recommendations, including increasing the percentage of outdoor air, increasing the total air flow, and using natural ventilation.
  4. Recommission Water System. Requires building owners and managers to test the water, develop a water management plan, work with local water and public health authorities, and communicate with occupants about the status of the water; also requires ongoing maintenance of the building water system after testing and flushing are complete.

The recommendations included in the LEED Safety First Pilot Credits do not set a standard, nor should they be deemed either inclusive of all proper methods or exclusive of other methods for workplace reentry. The ultimate judgment regarding the utility of any specific approach and when it is safe to re-enter workspaces must be made by you in light of all circumstances and variables.