If you’re doing business in Washington State, please read this and respond:

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) has contracted Cadmusto conduct a study to document how commercial buildings were designed and constructed under the 2015 Washington State Energy Code and Seattle code. The purpose of the study is to help make constructive recommendations to improve the next energy code, pertaining only to commercial buildings constructed under the 2015 Washington State Energy Code (permitted on or after July 01, 2016) or for Seattle projects the 2015 Seattle Energy Code (permitted on or after January 01, 2017).

Information from the study will be used to improve future energy code versions. For each participating building Cadmus will provide an energy analysis based on the building’s billing data — and, we will provide a monetary gift card to each participant who assists us with the in-person or remote site visit.

Cadmus is seeking enough buildings to reach a total of 85 by July 1, and has already recruited and studied about 60. The research team would appreciate your assistance identifying 25 more buildings constructed under 2015 WSEC and Seattle code.

  1. What buildings are you looking to include in the study at this point? This study was designed to be the largest statewide commercial building code study ever conducted, but Covid-19 significantly impacted the overall timeline. To help meet their goal, they are requesting help identifying and recruiting buildings to include in their study.
  2. What types of 2015 WSEC commercial buildings are needed? Most commercial building types can be utilized, with two exceptions. At this stage, we are not seeking more education buildings or warehouses.
  3. What size of buildings are you looking for? We especially need buildings under 25,000 square feet but are accepting larger buildings too.
  4. Are multifamily buildings included in the study? Yes, but the building must be four or more stories above ground level and covered by the commercial energy code.
  5. What types of data are needed for the study? We need to access the information typically required to demonstrate energy code compliance. This includes the full set of architectural and mechanical drawings as well as the 2015 energy code compliance forms for commercial buildings, which most often include a project summary, envelope summary, lighting summary and mechanical summary. Information on lighting power density calculations as well as load calculations is helpful when available.
  6. How is Cadmus obtaining the building information needed? We are working with building code offices, architects, engineers, building owners, and others who can provide the required documentation. We also are conducting an in-person or remote site visit to verify building construction details.

If you or your organization have been involved with new commercial buildings designed and constructed under the 2015 energy code and would be interested in helping us complete this important study, please contact Aaron Huston at the Cadmus Group by email or by phone at (971) 712-7430.

Thank you for your assistance.