Remember Airplanes? BCxA’s Tracey Jumper Awarded CSE 40 Under 40!

It’s exciting to see that Consulting-Specifying Engineer (CSE) selected BCxA International Board member Tracey Jumper as a winner of the “40 Under 40” competition. A short bio, along with her photo, are available in CSE’s digital magazine on page 14. We thought you’d also want to know that they left out two very important things […]

Do You Need ISO 45001 Certification? Safety/Health Standard for the Built Environment

The ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS) Standard is an International Standard that “specifies requirements for an occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system, with guidance for…preventing injury and illness.” Like other ISO Standards, Certification to ISO 45001 is not required, but its contents are useful for all businesses. Certification may not […]

Healthy Office Buildings – HPIs and the Hierarchy of Controls

“Sick Building Syndrome” has always been associated with dust, smoke, mold, asbestos and chemicals, coupled with inadequately performed air changes. Until now, there has not been a sudden, universal, untraceable and potentially deadly intrusion of airborne viral particulates coming from building occupants themselves. Existing buildings, whether open or closed during the pandemic, compel consideration of […]

Hands-Free Life with AI? MIT and Realtors Share Their Visions

“Envision…using an app on your smartphone to open the door, hands-free. Artificial Intelligence (AI) recognizes you as having authorized access to the building, selects your floor on the elevator and has adjusted your temperature, lighting, window shades and music preferences for your office. It knows your coffee preferences and has one waiting for you at […]

Workplace Considerations – The Built Environment and COVID-19 Transmission

An article appeared on April 7th, in the journal of the American Society for Microbiology, focused on guidance to decision makers for the built environment —owners, facility managers, building operators, and occupants attempting to minimize infectious disease transmission through environmentally mediated pathways. The paper, based on research at the University of Oregon and University of […]

A Message From Your BCxA President

BCxA Family & Friends, This is your current BCxA President Dan Forino, coming to you from an airport hotel room, AKA my new office for the time being as I, like most of you probably, manage the balancing act of maintaining our family, friends and general public safety and well-being while working hard to support […]

What Are You Doing Today? BCxA Career-Worthy Activities

Now is a good time to take a breath and think long-term about your career path, or investing in your employees’ knowledge and skills One great feature of BCxA membership is the opportunity to access tools that enhance your value to clients, colleagues and yourselves. If you’re working remotely (and even if you’re not), take […]

Does Force Majeure Cover Pandemics? Two Legal Opinions

To be classified as force majeure, an event must be beyond the control of the contracting parties, it cannot be anticipated, foreseeable, or expected, and the event must be unavoidable. A Canadian and a U.S. law firm share their opinions about contract language and legal coverage. Members of law firm Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP, […]

BCxA Leadership Conference: Annual Association Business Meeting

Once a year, BCxA’s board of directors, chapter leaders, committee chairs and staff gather for two days to assess the prior year’s accomplishments and develop achievable goals for the year to come. This year’s meeting in February took place in Phoenix, AZ at the Renaissance Hotel and Spa that will be the Annual Conference venue […]

ASHRAE Winter Meeting: Standards & Guidelines

Bruce Pitts, BCxA Member Emeritus, is the BCxA’s official representative to ASHRAE. He summarizes the efforts of SSPC 300 (ASHRAE Standing Standard Project Committee 300: Commissioning oversight committee, plus subcommittees) at the Winter Meeting in Orlando last month, where the committees continued their work on updating the Standards and Guidelines. For example, ASHRAE Standards such […]